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Hi all myself and my family will soon be moving to a small village south of La Roche sur yon in the Vendee area and would like some info on good competetive removal companies that can take all our furniture from England to France. Any help will be greatly excepted.   Lapwing.

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Good morning everyone, Does anyone know of a chimney sweep within a reasonable distance of Scaer (29).  I have found a couple on Angloinfo and also in Page Jaunes but they are quite far away from us. I am going to have a chat with my neighbour this afternoon but thought I would try you lot as well!! Thanks Angela

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Hello Could anyone tell me please where the best places are to buy a washing machine & sofas in dept 56 near to Vannes.Thankyou.  

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Hi all, 3 weeks to go before our move from Spain to 56, and we are buying a ''few bits and pieces'' to bring with us. My question is :- What is the situation regarding buying paint in France  e.g Acrylic gloss and emulsion in colours. If choice and cost is a problem, we will bung a couple of cans in the caravan.!!  18 'till the day I die !

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Hi can anyone tell me where to buy normal household disinfectant, not bleach, the normal pine stuff we used to buy in Tescos etc.  and not the toilet kind I have found that already, thank you.jan & nigel

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Hi, Can anyone let me know whether Mr Bricolage is open on a Sunday, and if so roughly what sort of times? Thanks Mike & Carol Holliday

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Hi All! Our house in 22 built about 1982 has a very good quality kitchen.  However,it needs modifying(expanding) to our requirements and I would prefer not to do away with the existing units. We would need some extra units, and I doubt if we would still find matching units (typical French dark farmhouse style), so I thought maybe we could replace just the doors etc, and buy a few extra units as well. We did this in the UK using B&Q mix and match, where you buy the carcass units and choose your own doors & drawers etc, I replaced all the cupboard & drawer fronts, keeping the carcasses. So.....has anyone else done this in France, does anyone have knowledge of outlets that will sell doors/drawerfronts etc. I really don't want to start a new kitchen from scratch, I have tried a search but did not answer my specific question. Regards, Rob    

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Can anyone help with my bizarre request?!  I'm looking to buy jars in bulk/wholesale, ranging from small spice jars to large pickling jars & no matter which search engine I try, I can't find suppliers here in France anywhere. Where could I look from here?  You must be able to buy them from somewhere & I'm not prepared to pay the prices in the supermarkets as I'm looking to buy 100's, not the odd pack of six!! I would really appreciate any help or suggestions anyone has. Sarah Ps have tried Metro here - no good & I can't seem to find a website for Le Parfait.

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Can anyone advise if they sell artex (large 25 k bags) in Britanny? if so where,  I am near St Brieuc ALSO gyproc plasterboard?

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Why is it that loo paper in France is only readily available in either pink or white? Is it that it is designed primarily for the fairer sex, or is it that we are encouraged to have white or pink bathrooms......an interesting thought.....mags

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Hi, Please can someone tell me which makes of electrical appliances are available in France.  We are looking to buy a new cooker and fridge in the UK and would like to know incase we need spares. Thanks Alsion

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Hi everyone Does anyone know a reliable firewood supplier in the region of Mael Carhaix or Carhaix. My regular guy has unfortunately had an accident and is no longer with us. Any info greatly appreciated.  I love the whooshing sound of deadlines flying past !

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Hi all, Can anyone suggest a shop in or near St. Brieuc that sells beds. Looking for a double and three singles. Have tried BUT, but quality not very good. Thanks, Roger

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Does anyone know where I would be able to purchase a dovecote in Brittany? Many thanks. Dianne

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Hello all, As the new proud owner of 1 acre of grass I need some advice on ride on mowers. i.e. Which are the best makes? Where are they cheapest to buy? And what accessories should I consider buying? e.g. tow bar etc. All replies gratefully received. Rog P.S. grazing animals are not an option, due to vegetable plot.

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Just thought I'd post some advice to anyone looking for an Aga or Rayburn here.  First of all, they're really difficult to find second hand here but there are Aga retailers in St Brieuc(22), Lannion(22) & Morlaix(29) if anyone wants a new one.  Try www.agafrance.fr Failing that, try www.tradcookers.com That's a chap called Barry who lives in Newbury & specialises in reconditioned ranges & the best bit, he will deliver to Brittany no probs.  (Actually, I think he's here in July & August).  Or try www.twyford-cookers.com  They will also deliver to Brittany. As you can probably tell, I've spent hours on the net finding out this info because I'm looking for a 4-oven Aga in install in our house, so I hope this info can help someone else!! Sarah

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Hi, where can you get v large (4m x 3m minimum) persian "style" rugs (I say style, because the real mcoys are about £2,000!) - we live near dol - de -bretagne. Thanks

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Hi all, can anyone help with info regarding any reclaimation outlets where I might find granite for sale.  I am looking to replace two support pieces for an old Breton fireplace so pieces with some shape or character would be ideal. Many thanks for any help or advice,pete

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We will be at our place in the Loudeac area at the end of July and are wondering if anyone knows how we could buy patio slabs on line and have them delivered? Alternatively, where could we buy them in the Loudeac/Pontivy area and have them delivered in just a few days (so that we have a chance to lay them) and at a reasonable charge? Thanks!John& Ann

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I have tried all the normal places for smoke alarms to put in my gites but cannot find any! Is it due to all the woodburning stoves and smokers that there is no point installing them here?!Cherrie Carr

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