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Can you buy bolster ( not sure of spelling) pillows in France, you know, those long sausage shaped pillows. I've tried to get them in the uk but no luck. So are they still available, and do they come in different price ranges according to the filling. Divaling.

started by: Nikki Noel · last update: 1086690489 · posted: 1086644408

Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a freestanding air con unit? I know B & Q sell them in the uk but wonder if anyone knows where I could get one here - my sons bedroom is in the converted attic of the house and its so hot up there already that I want to get one asap so he will sleep at night!! Thanks guys!  

started by: Dublin Lass · last update: 1086564156 · posted: 1086560722

Can one get disposabel BBQs in the supermarkets in France?  I have just spent ages scraping grease and burnt food off our BBQ grill and I have no plans to do so on hols :)  We have a clever little stand for disposable ones we used previously which makes them burn better, allow air to circulate underneath.  AnneStill in Dublin but dreaming of long sunny holidays :)

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Hi, Does anyone know of anywhere in Brittany where I can buy some sheets of stained/coloured glass?

started by: Alison Hawking · last update: 1086370094 · posted: 1086352472

Hi, My husband and I are moving to Brittany in January and we are in desperate need of a new fridge.  Are they easily adapted to french plugs or are the incompatable.  Also I would love to know what other things I can and cant bring with me. Thanks Alison

started by: Keith Rhodes · last update: 1085526426 · posted: 1085325244

I'm looking for somewhere with a wide range of furnishing fabrics. I want to make new "throwovers" for my old three piece, and the one shop I did know in Dinan, now only sells ready made curtains. Any information from anyone please? Jean Rhodes

started by: Richard Edwards-384241 · last update: 1085473124 · posted: 1085404435

We need to contact the water services within Dept 22 (Cotes d'Armor). We have tried the phone number (from this site) of 0811904904 but it wont connect. Anyone know the right one? Thanks Clive Edwards

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Hi , has any one bought a tv or washing macine recently that they consider to be a bargain or good buy, and have been happy with it since, also where from .  I will be buying these and a cooker, so looking for advice where to buy and what makes anyone would recommend. Thanks for any replies. Divaling.

started by: biggsy-382452 · last update: 1084118297 · posted: 1083928829

Can anybody recommend a good place to buy a cooker near to Loudeac. Which is best gas or electric?  We dont have mains gas so would need to be run on bottled.  Thanks Biggsy

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Hi, does anyone know where we can buy floor tiles at a good price, and a good selection  in and around the Loudeac 22 area.  

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Hello to you all!!! I wonder if anyone would be able to help me with this problem please? I live in the Landes and as you will probably know it is very sandy here, in fact it is JUST sand!!! I have put tons and tons of manure down, bought sacks and sacks of peat and I still cant grow much.  Have had success with runner beans, tomatoes, strawberry's and mint but that is it!!!  Tried to grow carrotts, potatoes, spring onions and all the salad stuff, have got 12 apple tree's but no fruit yet. (3rd year)  I am fed up...............I don't have green fingers but I am trying!!!  Please help!!! sueA good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up.All people smile in the same language.

started by: Cathy-384041 · last update: 1083263556 · posted: 1083256777

My husband and I have just bought a stone longere near Roastrenen and will need to strip it out of plaster etc.  Does anyone know where we could or even if we could hire a skip?  or where there is a local tip near to Rostrenen/Plougernevel?

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Hi, can anyone tell me the products for cleaning that can be used when you have a fosse, I know you don''t use bleach, but someone mentioned a phrase on some products as if to say okay for fosse use. Going into our new house I would like to give a good all over clean as it''s been empty for a few years, thanks . Divaling.

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Hi, does anyone know of a good source for garden pots of all shapes and sizes, I can get them in the uk at my cheapy shop at quite a good price, but I don't want to bring them all the way over taking up room if you can buy them just as cheap in 22, My uk example of a set of three ( you know one inside the other type) quite a large size, and coloured, costing £15.00, have you seen a better price, and where, please. Divaling.

started by: joan-382983 · last update: 1080896081 · posted: 1080685897

Hello we are renovating a barn in the Quimperle area and want to know where we can buy products for spraying beams etc.  Any help would be appreciated.Joan

started by: Chris61-382439 · last update: 1080561785 · posted: 1074712870

Hello will soon be moving to near Carhaix Plouger.Can anyone tell me if there are shops like or equivalent to B&Q etc in the Carhaix area? Also whats the shopping like(furniture etc) in Morlaix,we are as yet undeided whether to buy sofas etc here and take them or in Brittany ....and pointers anyone?...much appreciated.

started by: wart · last update: 1079695005 · posted: 1079618217

On verge of moving to Brittany, up to my ears inpacking cases and still trying to find a house but sold here and everything going into storage. I have 2 sofas, one button backed, that desperatly need re-upholstering but the upholsterer I was using here can't do them before we leave   Does anyone know of an upholsterer in ANYWHERE in Brittany ? Thanks Wart

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I have just bought a property in France and need to equip it with a microwave oven.  Would it be better to to buy this in UK or France?  Is there the same choice and are they a similar price in France?  Would there be any problem with the slight difference in voltage?  The same question applies to electric blankets.  I have heard that English TVs are not satisfactory in France. rosa

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Hi, can anyone tell me how prices compare for linen,and  bedding of all descriptions, between UK and France, not against spending my money in France, in fact I think you should , but as I'm realy starting from scratch,there's a lot to buy. Does anyone know chain style shops where the linen is reasonably priced,and good quality. Divaling.

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I bet it's ben asked before, but do I need to buy a new tv when we move over, our old one in the UK is just about holding on, sure I read that the french tv is a different system of lines. So, do we buy new when we come over. Thanks Divaling.

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