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does anyone know of a cheap appliance shop,or a second hand place?need to get cooker,washer,fridge,dryer and tv. also a guesstimate of weekly food cost for 2 adults and 2 kids?151167

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Spent a wasted afternoon on the internet trying to find a tap supplier. The problem is that because of the present plumbing setup and the new granite sink worktop I need taps that fit on the wall not the top itself. At present the taps are wall mounted but old and ugly (a bit like me). Any suggestions of a good shop or plumbers that may have what I am after? Willing to travel from Roscoff area to south coast and same distance east to west. Ray

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Hi everyone - can anyone tell me where I can buy good reasonably priced traditional furniture - namely beds - our house is near Mohon - or alternatively is there anywhere that sells reproduction furniture - any help would be much appreciated as we are still finding our way around this is only our second visit thanks

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Just found this great site and have bought near Guenin as usuallots to do and really need a mini digger and maybe a dumper truck as land is very overgrown and the wife has grand ideas for the garden can anyone tell me where i get one from and what will i need to rent it as we dont have any papers yet will a passeport do?  any help very greatfulThat'll be Gradely!

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Can anyone recommend a good place to find kitchen units? So far the ones Ive found on the internet are far more expensive than places in the UK such as B&Q but Im sure cheaper places must exist? Also I need a lot of electrical goods, cooker, fridge, microwave, etc etc.... is there a good place to go which is excellent value? I'll be living in St Guyomard not far from Vannes.Thanksjenny & stuart

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Can anyone please recommend any second hand furniture shops or auction rooms where we can buy older furniture in region 22 or 29 ?  Thanks Aggieaggie :)

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Does anyone know where to obtain fitted carpets in Finisterre?  Our bedrooms already have them but they are so tatty we want to replace them but cannot find anywhere that does them, we are near Carhaix.  

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