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Hello. Can anyone recommend someone to lay some screed - I am in post code 22230

started by: pecheur · last update: 1519290859 · posted: 1519229928

Looking at a house with areo thermie heating can anyone explain the good and bad problems with this systemThanks john

started by: Chris the cook -425443 · last update: 1519254044 · posted: 1519053529

Hello,Can anyone advise me how to cancel the building & contents insurance please. I have tried searching the forum with no luck but I'm sure that I read somewhere that a letter can be downloaded. The property concerned is in Brittany and we are in the U.K. so it would be useful to know if we can do it by post.Many thanks

started by: Vick-Evans-920398 · last update: 1518971659 · posted: 1518791729

Hi there can I point up my barn without contacting the mairie or do I have to get permission first . Vick

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Just posted a topic on tree clearing, but forgot to say we are in the Bubry area.

started by: Dolan-400400 · last update: 1518877904 · posted: 1518877904

Does anyone know of a company/enterprise who are prepared to cut and clear trees for their wood value.   The trees in question are oak, chestnut and beech and are all fairly substantial in size.   There are between 9 to 12 trees  with an approx. trunk diameter of  75 cms.

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Hi AllAnyone noticed an increase in electricity prices since Linky meter fitted?

started by: Lizziedripping · last update: 1518771802 · posted: 1518645945

Does anyone know who can supply and fit a chaudiere, with radiators in area 22 (completely new installation) Thank you 

started by: calapez · last update: 1518638957 · posted: 1518630945

Anyone know the best place to get a few ton of chippings delivered to mur-de-Bretagne 22110

started by: Philealing · last update: 1518425214 · posted: 1518292592

It’s been fine for years but this evening all the info for each programme is out by a couple of hours. I.e. if I press the info button instead of seeing details of the programme I am watching it shows me details of the programme from two hours earlier. I can move it forward to see the correct info but that is not the point.Any ideas on a solution?

started by: Christopher-Norman-920078 · last update: 1518193290 · posted: 1516464161

Looking for something to rent for 6 months in or close to village or town.

started by: Evie-Sayres-896573 · last update: 1518186947 · posted: 1518178951

Has anyone or know of anyone that has a BobCat digger to rent as I am wanting to dig out my barn floor? We are in the 56 area.Many thanksEvie

started by: Millisle · last update: 1518174530 · posted: 1518117334

Would love to know your thoughts on them,as we are getting older--wood maybe difficult for us to stack etc,BUT IF POWER CUT WOULD BE ABLE TO INTERIM BURN WOOD.pellet stoves run by electricity--THANKS 

started by: Anthony -Bohan-894799 · last update: 1518072629 · posted: 1517518119

Looking for some deciduous woodland for sale in the Guemene/Morbihan area. We don't want to build on it. Thanks

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Hello all, this is a shot in the dark but I am looking for a painter and decorator called Mel who was working in the dinan region about 5 years ago. I've lost his phone no. and never knew his surname. He did some excellent work for a friend of mine. I haven't had need of a painter until so if anyone can help thanks very much. Cheers

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Anyone any tips for cleaning the above, would appreciate relevant replies only, thanks :-)

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Hi, Could do with some help please, Have an Ikea kitchen with mico wave down and also dishwasher down,tried ringing their electrical appliances line unfortunately french only, we can usually get by with the language but the telephone we find extremely difficult. Has anyone had this problem and been able to resolve it? Any and all help greatly appreciated. Jandave.

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Can anyone recommend a roofer for the Pontrieux area please?

started by: paul-phillips-919221 · last update: 1516817729 · posted: 1516817729

Looking for a 60-70cm second hand rotovator - Morbihan 

started by: paul-phillips-919221 · last update: 1516817650 · posted: 1516817650

Looking for a second hand ride on lawn-mover for sale to undertake work on a 1.5 acre garden. Morbihan

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