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TO ALL SEASONED TRAVELLERS Please could anyone inform if there is a bus link between PARIS Major Airport CDG and other Paris Airports.   I have a visitor flying into CDG and flying  onto Rennes need to sort out the best mode of travel for a Senior Citizen   Thank you    

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Live&Love 1429281539

If you look on the cdg website it will say if there is a connecting bus. I do there are shuttles from cdg to the different terminals aNd hotels as cdg is huge. I expect there is as there is a bus that goes around paris stopping at strain stations and airports. My friends took that bus to get to cdg from train station. 

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AirFrance cars offer a fast and reliable service between CdG, Orly and various stations etc in Paris.  all info here

lamb chop 1430437321

air france fly to Rennes from cdg


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