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What are the general opinions about Catalonia? Should, and can, the Catalans have independence from Spain? Even if, at the moment, the EU says they wouldn't recognise a separate country, it does look as though things may be changing in the near future.

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Rance-384571 1509974201

From a personal point of view I hope they never get Independence.
They are for the greater part really lovely
people. I do wonder why now? I spent many years on and off living near Barca and
after Franco departed in 1975 perhaps a few years after would have been a good
time but financially they were not ready or able. It is very much a split down
the middle concerning for and against. A few years ago it was something like
55-45 in favour of remaining. Due to what happened when we were there in September
and October. A false “reading” on the voting happened as many did not want to
vote and many were of course stopped from voting in a most violent way by the

I think that President Rajoy will need to have very serious talks with
the Catalans with a lot of give and take on both sides if this is all to end amicably.
Acting tough and jailing people will only harden the resolve of the Catalan
people and no one will gain from that, Independent voters or remainers...I just
hope for a settlement which both parties agree with but that is going to be
possibly impossible.

Why the President never let the vote go ahead is a mystery, it was illegal, so
why not let it carry on without violence and then still declare it illegal and
in that way, no one would have got hurt....

LilyP 1510081054

Rance - re your last paragraph - that's exactly what I said - why didn't they let the vote go ahead and declare it null and void at the end. This would have saved a lot of money re Police and would not have created all the violence and damage to property etc.

Tryval 1510082031

Think it's nuts!

Southern Guy 1510089183

Worst region in Spain.

Tryval 1510090603

Beautiful area, imo

Tryval 1510091201

But Never spent much time there, only a winter, loved it:-)

Rance-384571 1510095403

Truly the nicest people, I lived amongst them and they would have given me their last piece of food if I had ever needed it. I witnessed several years after the civil war had ended how the families suffered with the loss of family and friends and how they helped each other through their difficulties. How in heavens name does anyone make it the worst region, Barca alone is one of the greatest cities of the world....

Rance-384571 1510128440

Friends now telling me that Autoroutes to and from Barca are blocked by peaceful demonstrations same as last month. I suspect the same thing will be happening around Girona & Leida. Probably continue for much of the day. I would imagine if like last time many bars and restaurants will be closing in support of the one day strike.

Tryval 1510129297

It's a mess, sadly:-(

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