Congratulations David Cameron & the Conservative Party!

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At last the UK has a single party government with the mandate to govern despite only a small but definititive majority.  It seems rather amazing that although the election campaign has been "raging" in the UK for the past month or so I have not seen a single post on here concerning the UK General Election.  I would have thought that the strength of the UK economy has a direct bearing on the exchange rate and hense the value of the pensions or other investments of many UK expats living in the euro zone. Perhaps we should all be giving a big cheer?  

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Ozzy Mandias 1431136362

A big cheer to the prospect of more austerity for our friends and families in the UK, cuts in services, vilification of the weakest in society and the demonisation of those who are unable for whatever reason to find meaningful work while Call me Dave's pals get ever richer? More zero hour contracts, more people needing to use foodbanks, the privatisation of the NHS and, Oh yes, the promise of a referendum on membership of the EU which could potentially impact on all of us here as well as all those poor unfortunates who haven't had the good fortune to leap the Channel? Happy days!

Brian Stone 1431156474

Living in France, Ozzy Mandias, we can see at first hand the effects of a Socialist government, and ask ourselves which is the lesser of two evils.

stonedecroze 1431166524

And given the quality of life, the greater degree of respect for tradition, community and family values, a more aesthetically pleasing landscape and environment and less emphasis on personal greed and aspiration as typified by the 'selfie', I think that anyone who thinks for themselves knows the answer to that. 

Colomban 1431174561

You certainly won't hear a big cheer from me, pcer

A black day for the UK, in my opinion, and a victory for the politics of envy, greed and despair.

Thank you Brian Stone.  Living in France, I appreciate the efforts of even this pretty poor excuse for a true socialist government.  At least we have some sort of safety net, good healthcare that doesn't depend on your postcode, reimbursement for essential dental care, an increase in the number of schoolteachers, protection for tenants in rented accommodation, housing that at least some people can afford....

kingly 1431179429

Name one ' true socialist government ' please Colomban ! ( one example in the world , anywhere )

Colomban 1431180305

Well that's the problem - we haven't been able to create one.  Yet!  (I'm an optimist.)

stonedecroze 1431180900

That is not relative to this discussion in any way kingly. As per my earlier posting I am with Colomban on this one.

The UK is alll about envy, greed.desperation and fear.

The main reason the Tories won is that standing behind one's personal instincts, hopes and aspirations is pretty much dead in the UK. Political ideology has died with it. The party that can most safely be assumed to maintain the status quo and ensure that all can rely on their property values increasing, being able to afford a new flat screen TV and a DFS sofa to watch it from etc.are always going to be the winners. The SNP and UKIP posed a threat and the Ed/Ed show could not be relied upon to deliver so despite all the debate the tick ultimately had to be placed in the Tory box. Any side issues such as the rise of nationalism and widening of social divisions were not given serious consideration by most.

The UK has become a country of aspirations rather than principals. Everybody thinks that they have a right to everything. It is not a question of what sort of world would I like to live in but what can I get out of it.

The process is permeating here as well but thankfully it is by no means as far advanced.

kingly 1431184632

Why is it " not relative to this discussion ? " - as for UKIP being a threat - the only threat they posed was to a sensible / intelligent discussion - you , obviously , have a very low opinion of the UK population ( and of the French for the future ) Surely now would be the time to move to a country where your views of ' what's right / best for the population ' can be found !

berger-423858 1431295143


First of all, I can see why there are so many shy tories. 

Socialism does not work. A country has to live within its means. It's businesses that create jobs, not the state. In this country the charges are too high and that is one of the reasons that unemployment rates are so high. In Britain it is much easier to start a business and that is a good thing. That's one of the reasons so many young French engineers go to Britain to create their own company.

The health system in this country is better than in Britain but it treats its pensioners worse. French pensioners, of whom I am one, have not had a pension increase for two years!


stonedecroze 1431336322

Yes but the French pension is much higher in the first place berger and why should pensioners get a raise whilst everyone else is on hold? I am ceratinly all for looking after pensioners in either country but surely a degree of fairness must feature. you always seem to want to make personal insults I shall not waste much time replying to you. First you introduce a question which has no direct bearing on the topic under discussion and then you make illogical assumptions on my personal views based on a couple of points I have introduced.

Even Tony Blair considers that the Labour Party lost because of their lack of appeal to 'aspiring' people. I would be the last to say that self improvement and fulfilment are not worthy characteristics but this should be within a framework of respect for others.

berger-423858 1431348142

I would agree with a lot of what you say, Stonedecroze.  However not all French people have bigger pensions than UK pensions. A friend of mine who has worked hard all her life has only 300€ a month as a pension. Her husband, a retired 'artisan', has 1300€. A lot of farmers have pensions of 600 or 700€. A neighbour of mine, a retired farmer, had only 500€ a month. Then French pensioners have to pay something for their health care as the state only pays 70%. This means paying for a 'mutual'. Also French pensioners have to pay CSG contributions on their pensions. 

kingly 1431359184

Stonedecroze - sorry that you felt my question was " a personal insult " - not my intention - just curious to know which of all the countries in the world had a political ' system ' you agreed with / were happy with etc ? ( simple enough question surely ? )

Mickrest 1431432835

I agree entirely with berger that a country must live within its means. Servicing the UK debt at the moment costs about £50 billion per annum in interest charges and just imagine what that amount of money could achieve in improving infrastructure, healthcare etc.

I also agree that encouraging people to aspire to better things and improve their lives is very important.

Whether you like it or not, the tory party is better at balancing the books and giving people the incentive to improve their lot. You may disagree with this, but it is certainly perceived to be better by the voters.

The best way of helping people has always been to help them to help themselves and not just give them handouts and this approach is certain to have a beneficiasl effect on reducing debt.




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