crossing spanish border at la perthus

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has anyone been though the border recently? have been told that there is never anyone there. we have a dog, and she is just under for the 21 days for the rabies. Any info would be most welcome.Thanks in advance

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I have no idea about any of the border crossings but my instinct says that if you want to cross with a dog don't leave anything to chance because if the authorities  do find anything to object to with the dog they can make it very uncomfortable for you and more importantly your hound.

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My daughter has just traveled to Barcelona and back into  France, the border control is back in operation and vehicles are being stopped and checked, this is all to do with the murders that took place in Paris, I have noi idea how long the border controls will be back in place or whether or not its likely they will be interested in your dog but they are checking the occupants of vehicles.

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