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I applied for a postal vote 2 months ago and to date have not received anything, anyone had a similar experience?

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phlophf-409902 1430578324

yes - still waiting

ScarboroughWhites-442058 1430579611

Our voting slips turned up early last week from SWALE Borough Council and sent back already.

You'll need to get in touch ASAP with your 'Electorial Services Officer' from your own Council, and ask them when your voting slips were posted out.

Must admit SWALE were superb when I dealt with them, first time I've registered as an 'Oversea's Voter' - apprently you must re-register every year. 





georgeV-988991 1430579810

In past years I have had the same problem and doubted very much if 48 hours was long enough for the returning officer to receive the ballot paper.  This time I have appointed my son as my proxy and I have duly instructed him on the way to vote.  There needs to be a much longer period allowed.

countrydweller 1430581550

In my experience most people will not get their ballot papers in time to send them back Most expats are effectively disenfranchised.If any one has enough money/time/inclination they could probably et KOMPENSASHUN from the European court-murderers can!!!!

flobeck 1430590637

We have the same problem as does a friend of ours. Our papers arrived this afternoon too late to get them in the post today. Not sure now whether to return by ordinary post or next day delivery.

jane121walking-387738 1430592110

We recived ours two weeks ago and have posted them back. We did recieve two letters from them early in the year to confirm where we were living


Iguana Rock 1430593952

Ours arrived from Cornwall Council and already returned. Mine went smoothly but hubby had to prove who he was (he was born in Cornwall and paid taxes in the UK for 40 years!!). The Council obtain information on individuals from DWP and it was them who had the issue!! Sorted now but only after lots of letters and having to send off his birth certificate. Ridiculous!



bigpmoody 1430594018

We are also still waiting, South Hams council. Now no reply from election officer in local council after querying, although they were very helpful when we registered in March. It's an absolute farce considering they have been advertising how easy it is for ex-pats to reigster to vote; completely besides the point if the ballot papers don't arrive on time!

Iguana Rock 1430771572

The Connexion newspaper claimed that it 'only takes 2 minutes to register'. Not in the real world it doesn't!

nag champa 1431102893

details here on how to complain if your papers were late or did not arrive



Yasminh14 1431103288

Mine never arrived either.  Tried yesterday to phone Southwark council to arrange an emergency proxy vote.  They told me I could do it using the form for emergency due to reasons of my occupation (as there wasn't one for ballot paper not arrived!), so I wasted half a day doing it, only to get an email back saying they couldn't accept it as it wasn't a valid reason.  Yes, it is a farce.

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