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Pleased you noticed and brought the topic back up for me Fitter xx :-) Haven't got the hang of the new ?????

I thought the height any drama could attain, on the above, was Nige falling off the roof, but that was quick and clean, (well maybe a 'bit' messy!).
But the latest upset eclipses that and appears to be set for, at least! months, of suffering (mainly us listeners) before any resolution is possible.
On a serious note, it has highlighted a very grave social problem however. Often, sadly swept under the carpet in many family environments.
What's happened to difficult calvings, Pip falling in the slurry tank, the Grundy's getting well peed on the zider and good clean amusing, everyday, normal! relativly relaxing topics eh?
Have the script writers 'dug a hole' to far?

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