French Cars in U.K.

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For what period of time is it legal to keep a French Registered car in England.

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If you don't live in the UK but are visiting temporarily, you can use your car for a total of 6 months in every 12.

If you have moved back to the UK, as a UK resident you can't have a car on foreign plates so you have to re-register straight away.

Visitors coming to the UK that don’t intend living here can usually use a vehicle displaying foreign (non-UK) number plates for up to six months in a 12 month period. This can be one single or several shorter visits, adding up to a six month period. During this time the vehicle can travel displaying the non-UK plates but only provided the vehicle is still fully registered and tax paid, in the country it came from (the driver’s home country).

If you are stopped by the police driving a car with non-UK plates

If the police stop your vehicle it's up to you to show you can use the vehicle in the UK without taxing and registering here. You may be asked to show proof of the length of time you have been in the UK, such as a ferry ticket or evidence that you and the vehicle are eligible for customs relief.

It is important to remember that if you become a resident in the UK, you must tax and register your vehicle in the UK straight away.

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Thank you for your helpful reponse Laughing Boy . Have only just found it on non local as I explained.

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We are returning  to the UK in July.  We would prefer to take our French car with us and decide later if we would prefer to sell it and buy an English car.  We have been informed that our insurance is valid for three months.  

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