French social tax reclamation

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Having applied for this a few weeks back, we have received a letter asking (I think) for a translated copy of our E121's.  As anyone else received this as well?

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Freckleface-401505 1453369396

Yes I received this before Christmas.I believe they only want a copy but unless you kept one Newcastle will not issue a copy or even a letter confirming one was issued.

The solution is to contact the English speaking line at CPAM tel no 0811363646. The person there was most helpful and although saying it could take four weeks my copy arrived in four days.

woody-383477 1453372529

Thanks for the reply - I have a copy of my E121 having requested a copy from CPAM in Vannes, but the letter seems to require a translated copy, which I presume will have to be done by a certified translator.

Harry Dresden 1453375363

According to EU law yuo don't need a traducteur assermenté, just someone who has the skills and knowledge to do a good translation

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