Fuel allowance

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what do people think about us not receiving our fuel allowance??

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Pygmy-392523 1450980925

Not pleased at all about it, but "blighty" has to make cut-backs in lots of areas, to help cover the costs of the ever increasing population !!, after all they need it more than us, were okay arent we!, at least we are here, and not over there.

Rance-384571 1450981681

Is this about Foreign currency exchange or WFA, they seem to come in pairs.....

Anonymous 1450982478

I think its another WFA topic.  Been going for a year now and doesn't seem to lose momentum.

Rance-384571 1450983663

Right, I would use Topemup currency exchange to transfer money from the WFA, What, sorry, no WFA, you say?

Field18 1450984823

Not  been cold enought this year to need it. Maybe IDS got it right and factored in global warming.

Dave Evans-439024 1450984834

It is for the UK cold winters not the balmy France. You left England so get over it. Pygmy, the ever increasing population is because France cannot and will not control it's borders. Thank god Pygmy is in France.

jackorjason 1451062388

WFA ' raises its head ' every few months - get over it folks - it's boring - if you need the money so much go back to the UK and claim it there - it was a bonus not  ' A God Given Right ' and before people start going on about how they've paid their taxes all their lives and so deserve it just remember when you first started paying taxes there was no such thing as WFA

Cloudgreyandblue 1451062730

So sorry to have commented on this.   I was only wondering....got the message.


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