Girly Gossip: It 's a Girl a Royal Pincess:

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A Baby Princess, born this morning! As we girls know,  born above average weight. What do you think her name will be? Cheers Cas:

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astoria 1430577118

So sorry ,hat should have read Princess on the heading. (can't pronous my R,s)

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expected to leave the hospital with new baby, later today!


dancingqueen-424771 1430578616

Princess Harper...Bunny...Apple...or just Princess? joking of course, I'm sure they have a proper name in mind.  Congrats to the young family.


montypython-428832 1430582510

The favourites in the names stakes apparently are Alice or Charlotte and the moment - which, for those who know me, will make them laugh!  Even better - if either of mine were a boy they were most likely going to be GEORGE!!!!!!!!!


Live&Love 1430587379

Loved how Prince William carried Prince George into the hospital. You can see how comfortable the two of them are together and that's great :D

salsachica 1430599773

It was so lovely seeing William giving George a kiss, so sweet and goes completely against the old protocol of not showing any emotion or affection in public! This is why Wills & Kate can relate to the British public. They come across as so natural and genuine. They would make a fab King & Queen! I love the way they held hands as they left the hospital and then William drove just like any normal family, no pomp and ceremony.

I believe the Queen comes up with the names and the parents choose. 

Renard35 1430610160

I like Alexandra for the name with maybe Victoria or Elizabth for her middle names or maybe both :)

Saw her tonight on TV Uk News very cute looking baby.




Diana is bound to be one of the baby's names?

sophie hunton 1430613136

How about Kylie or Trixie as a little break from tradition or kat.

convent girl-439588 1430668648

In our house we love the Royal Family, and no matter what the anti Royalists say, they bring a huge amount of money to England via the tourists and The Queen keeps the country together. I have no doubt there will be many people who disagree, maybe they are jealous? Long life The Queen and The Monarchy!!


It's official!  The little princess is to be named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.  

convent girl-439588 1430767004

Beautiful names

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