Guadeloupe holiday

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I am considering going to Guadeloupe for a holiday, has anyone got any tips, experiences , recommendations that could be useful in my planning. Thanks Roger

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stonedecroze 1456307088

Hi.......strangely enough we were having the same conversation with some friends who have sailed extensively around the Caribbean. They were saying that whilst Guadeloupe has its good parts it is a large island with very mixed scenarios. Therefore be careful in choosing location. I do not have any specific advice to give along those particular lines.

kervéor 1456327163

I have friends who go there every year and sail around the islands for a month and stay on land for the second 'They say provisions are expensive and post boxes of food over to their destination from France 

malcolm1-10066606 1458298307

The Guadaloupians and Martinique dwellers are now the most unfriendly rude people you can imagine , Been there several times , even did Xmas one year their . They treat all visitors like you are disturbing them ! Thge waitors make you wait , don't care if you have a complaint , but they are happy to take your money... I have a French friend who is one of the top civil engineers on Martinique and he has to convince the people to do the work that he gives them and then watch over them to make sure they do it as ordered !! And yes it is very expensive to stay there!

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