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Anyone moved back to England, and happy about it, any regrets?

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colliesmith 1428667276

We're moving back in 2/3 weeks . Nothing wrong with life in Brittany but I've been very ill and just feel the need to be back close to family . Have to say my illness was treated brilliantly here .

We're going to a very quiet area of Cumbria and will be 400 metres from the sea/beach so looking forward to it . We've been quite choosy about where we're going and don't think we could hack the hustle and bustle of busier places though after living here .

Tryval 1428710890

Good Luck, From Bill, (Whitehaven, many years ago), hope things pan out for you both, very happy in 56, but very many happy memories of a childhood,  youth and early adulthood in  'marra land',

                              Regards, Bill M.

Tryval 1428711998

Sorry, re OP?,

               I would have no regrets going back to Whitehaven, the Lakes, if I needed to, my best friends and others are still there although I have been away for 35 years, long time! but now Wife and Life are here, but no, I think it could be another adventure, Back to the roots, tho' my motto normally is never go back).

i am home 1428751269

Thank you for your replies.

We have been back nearly three years, we feel half and half about leaving France, but we bought a house in a remote hamlet, which was a mistake, stayed for nine years.  I think we made the right choice in coming back to England, heart still goes twang now and again, when thinking of France.


one4all-436374 1429898027

Back in UK now (Devon) after 13 years in several different locations in South Morbihan, biggest things to get used to are the traffic, parking charges, inconsiderate parking. Utility charges are also much higher than what I was expecting. Has been virtually impossible trying to get an NHS dentist and service from local Medical Centre leaves a lot to be desired after medical care I was used to in France. Have yet to really make up my mind as to whethe or not I have made a bad judgement in leaving France.

tigre-979768 1429905546

One4all, what part of Devon have you moved to? I only ask as we are thinking of buying in Devon or Cornwall.

clarksinfrance 1431100088

I have also moved back to UK and as has already been said, there are pros and cons. Also where one moves to, can make a great difference. I alas am not of retirirng age, so need to work. I also had to give up the manual work I have done for 30+ years due to the toll taken on my body. I was fortunate to get a decent job, in a decent organisation within 4 months of moving back. Was also fortunate to make money on our property in France, which enabled us to place a large deposit on a place in UK. Prices are generally more expensive in UK, and I earn less money than I did in France, but for me the kicker is I don't loose as much money in taxes and cotisations as I did in France, so seem to have an equivalent amount of disposable income. I moved to Bristol, so, am enjoying the convenience of just about everything, over living in a villige for 12 years, where everything took military style planning to achieve anything. I certainly do miss, the lifestyle I had, my friends, and the space. I don't miss the bureaucracy, which went along with running 2 businesses. I am stilled very ticked off at RSI raiding my bank accounts incorrectly and taking just about every bit of money I had over 3 or 4 years, and not being able to get that money back, tens of thousands of Euros. I miss the politeness, and the friendliness of (most of) my villagers. I also miss the excitement that virtually every situation was new to me, and had to adapt and overcome. On balance I feel as happy here as I was in France, but occasionally I do wish I was there agian. Who knows what the future may hold.

i am home 1431117544

Hello clarksinfrance,

Agree with most of your remarks, and we too some times ask our selves ,did we do the right thing coming back?.  But, if we had not tried living in France.  - we would have forever been asking ourselves "What if?".

Regards and all best wishes.

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