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Thought I would share this with you although I do know most people are aware you can't play the UK Lottery whilst living in France it seems they are tightening the rules: quote: As you are aware, to play National Lottery games online you need to be a UK or Isle of Man resident and be physically located in the UK or Isle of Man when buying a ticket. If you play by Direct Debit, not only must you be physically located in the UK or Isle of Man when setting up your Direct Debit but also when making amendments to it, including buying additional tickets, or changing your numbers or payment details.From 23rd April 2012, any player attempting to access their National Lottery Account from outside of the UK or Isle of Man will be prevented from doing so, as our location software will block any access.

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Milford-427967 1333018550

Don't think it will be a problem if you use "expat shield" ;-)

jaza 1333018713

And,of course,if you do win and they discover your deception-no payout. :)

monkeyupatree-443195 1333026692

Whats " expat shield " ? - does it work on i-player from UK ?

JohnnyVegas 1333027252

Milford, you can do that I know... but imagine the worry if you won 18 Million! especially now you have told the world what you do!! haha

I set up my direct debit whilst in the UK so I within the rules... plus I still have a home in the UK. Still doesn't help me win though!!

Monkeyupatree... that's a different question all together... do a search on the forum or google for the answer.

Clover-382222 1333027782

Why not simply play here in France? I've won small amounts many times and you have all the others too.

birdygirl-427078 1333034109

I was thinking of giving up the uk lottery,the prizes are rubbish,it's a cash cow for the government,they take £30 million a week.

DebsyD 1333036320

Would it be taxed here if you won?

Clover-382222 1333093120

More than likely.

Mufumbya 1430666684

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