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Any other members of the Rob Tichener Fan Club out there?  

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staffordian 1455226381

I hope he gets his comeuppance one day.How can Helen let herself be manipulated by him? you would think it was real wouldn't you?

Im not in his fan club as I know somebody like him.

mollypoodle60 1455238051

I was married to a look alike sound alike Rob but he got his come uppance when I exchanged him for 9 rescue dogs and a peaceful life in Brittany Helen will wake up smell the coffee and consign him to the slurry pit

Tryval 1455267097

It's a very good dramatisation, illustrating a serious problem, 'The Archers' and other soaps are  a useful conduit for highlighting social problems etc.

  I am sure we would be surprised how many people, (womem and men) are in similar situations to Helen, I know of at least three.

staffordian 1455386926

Must say he is my brother in law to. T.I feel like shaking my sister and trying to get her to see what's going on.She hasn't a friend left in the World only his daughter.She wasn't allowed to contact her friends once she met him.Isn't even allowed out with her own daughter.Can't understand how she lets him get away with it

I can see its exactly like Rob.

SuzieQ-402967 1455569375

There are indeed many "Robs" in this world (and I've met several of them!)

In my opinion, this storyline started really well but has now become very repetitive.  In real life, of course, it could go on for many years, but I think this story needs to come to a conclusion soon or it will just become boring.

Excellent acting though and very convincing.



staffordian 1455625286

Agree SusieQ.I don't want it to fo on for ever.Perhaps Kirsty will pursuade the family what is happening and he will get what's coming to him.

SuzieQ-402967 1455638074

Yes Staffordian, I'm also pinning my hopes on Kirsty who seems to be the only one around who can see the repulsive git for what he is (no I'm not a fan either!!)

However, Helen has manipulated everyone in sight all her life, so maybe there's a bit of karma there...


Tryval 1455649862

Rob's mummy, might sort him out !

staffordian 1456083006

I don't think mother-in-law will be helping after todays episode.She sounds really evil.

Tryval 1456095824

Really disappointed with mummy, but there you are, genes will out! it seems

She appears to be the the block the chip came from!

What a pair of horrors, imagine though, they, these people do exist.

Not quite as bad, but I have seen "clever" manipulation like this.

phlophf-409902 1456098037

I think is useful for programmes like this to highlight this kind of issue - its just possible some people may get help from it. However, what really amazes me are the nutters who send hate mail etc to the actor - i think sometime some people cannot tell reality from fiction.

SuzieQ-402967 1456131240

Yes, the actor should be getting fan mail for making "Rob" such a convincing character!

Sadly it did seem to me that Ursula was too good to be true - and they do say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

A good storyline (and as others have said, hopefully it can help some of the many people being abused in their marriage) but I do wish it could be wound up now, for me it's just gone on too long.


Tryval 1456172843

Showing my age, but what's happened to 'The Everyday Story of Countryfolk', di di di dah di dah, of my youth, when I was five! Lets hope the new ' producer goes back to the basics, eh? or not?

staffordian 1456663736

Starting to get a bit nasty now.Hopefully others than Kirsty will see what's going on.

SuzieQ-402967 1456668815

Yes - very nasty scene on Friday.  Even worse one earlier in the week when they were at Bridge Farm and Helen was basically parroting what Rob told her to say.  I could hear him pulling her strings to make her speak... she sounded terrified.

And STILL her parents don't notice?!  Pat is just besotted with her son in law.  Cleverly written and acted but very unpleasant to listen to.



Tryval 1458253266

Nice to see that the BBC now follow regurarly with a help line No. for those needing support!

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