Possible referendum in the UK

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What do we have to do if we want to vote in the referendum planned on the in/out of the EU ?

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You need to be on the electoral register. Expats living abroad for less than 15 years are eleigible.

Contact either your local registration office, or you last known local registration office, if you no longer have a UK address.

Quote: "British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over 18 who are resident in the UK, along with UK nationals who have lived overseas for less than 15 years. Members of the House of Lords and Commonwealth citizens in Gibraltar will also be eligible, unlike in a general election. Citizens from EU countries - apart from Ireland, Malta and Cyprus - will not get a vote."


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Go to this link


fill in the inter active form.

Then you can apply for a postal vote or proxy.

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hi poster,  ref.  about  referendum voting.   a link has been provided by a previous poster.  i  contacted my electoral office in the uk last week.....and you can receive a postal vote form , from your area .   THEN  get it back double fast !.......kind regards.

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If you were only at an address for a short while before you left and didn't register there to vote you must give the address where you were last registered, it that is outside 15 yrs it is a no sorry you can't vote.  13yrs here, gives you just 2 yrs to have been on the register where you lived for that 2 yrs. after 10 emails back and forth with our 3 addresses, and living under the same council all our lives, except 3 . Only the last 2 yrs living there counted. Can't find us on their electoral roll. 

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Voted last year in the General Election via Postal Vote.

1st time as a Voter outside the UK.

Swale Council were superb - Postal Vote turned up 2 weeks prior to the election, plenty of time to get it back.

They contacted me in January stating I have to register each year to keep my right to vote in the UK  and to vote in this year's Referendum.

Nothing but praise for Swale Council - and their Electoral Services Officer's.



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