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HI   We have receivd our voting papers, now we are wondering in the return envelope needs a stamp  

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DN-434538 1430392327

Yes, unless you post it in the UK.

night&day 1430393075

Many thanks DN that is what we thought. please also excuse my finger trubble on th eoriginal post



karent-385771 1430393408

Yes, as DN said, you do.

Hoping they get there in time, with a holiday here tomorrow, and one in the UK on Monday.

phlophf-409902 1430432431

not  even received ours yet!!

NigB 1430477517

i also have not received mine, so i emailed my local voting area. who advised me i had cancelled my right to vote, this was impossible as i had a confirmation letter from the district council where i was registered confirming my postal vote. i have now sent the copy they sent me to them, so waiting for a reply but they also told me it was too late to be added as the latest date had gone by to register, so i am waiting for a reply from my last email.

NigB 1430492079

Have now has a reply and somehow not sure how but i cannceled my right to a postal vote. but been told i can vote in person on the day. so if anyone else has not had their voting papers this may be why.

anglogallois 1430759842

Well it's Monday now and zilch! They told me that they had posted it to me last week but deffers nothing here. Even if I do get it tomorrow it seems very unlikely that unless I paid DHL or somesuch the vote would never get back in time! The system is busted!

flobeck 1430833556

Took ours to the post office yesterday and said it was tres important that these letters were delivered tomorrow - she said it would be 48 euros so I said they Are not that important just a stamp please.

anglogallois 1430833760

I have managed to arrange a last minute proxy vote- still no papers arrived but an email to the Leader of the Council did the trick!

nag champa 1431102840

If you want to complain about late or non arriving ballot papers, further details to complain are here

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