Security gone mad!?

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  We have decided to sell a flat we own in Torquay which we have rented out for many years.   A friend there showed estate agents around to obtain valuations.  That was the easy bit!! Having decided on an agent they then asked us for proof of identity - all very reasonable - we have offered copies of our passports, proof of where we live in France, names of people who can vouch for us but that, apparently isn't enough.  We have been asked if we can obtain proof from our local Mairie.  We have said that if they care to send us a letter to be signed that will satisfy them then that's fine.  They have already checked the Land Registry for proof that the property is in our name.  Perhaps a certified blood sample might satisfy them?  

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I think the blood letting is associated with the agent fees!!

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Tell them to clear off and find another agent..!!!!!!

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Can you not write a letter stating you wish to sell & your details & get the mairie to put there official stamp! you might have to do it in french & English!

these days you cant be too careful

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We have decided to change to another agent as this morning we tried to speak with the person dealing with our property and she wasn't available.  My husband asked if the person who answered the phone could pass on a message but was told "No, I work in the Lettings Department".    With regard to the link kindly sent to me about someone managing to sell a house that they didn't own, it would seem that the fault would like with existing information not being verified properly.

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It's normal when dealing with any overseas anything to get photo copies of documents notorised as it's easy to forge info on a copy, not normally required on original documents.

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