Tax dodgers

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Don't know why everyone is so surprised by the scandal of tax dodgers all over the world!

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Sustainable Fish 1460025039

What is "surprising" is that this latest crop of scalywags are filthy rich. That lot always get away with it but manage to keep it behind closed doors. The man on the ground is hung for a lamb while the big boys get away with the whole flock.

Mickrest 1460464176

The problem is that most of us will try to avoid / evade paying income tax, VAT, NI etc. if we can, but most of us complain when we see other people doing it. I don't think it's to do with being rich or poor, it's to do with being human. I've recently been renovating my house and the plasterer, electrician and carpet fitter all requested cash payment (only one of them got it). When I was a one man company, my wife (an accountant) did my accounts and paid me in dividends to keep my salary low so that I could be on the minimum NI band. Nothing illegal, but it was a loophole that could be exploited. It has since been closed. The answer is to close all the loopholes, strive to close the tax havens by international agreement and for the HMRC etc to develop better methods of compliance. As for being surprised, we shouldn't be surprised that people, whatever their background, fiddle and fudge, but we should be surprised that they continue to be allowed to get away with it.

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