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A little surprised to see that the subject of the general election seems to have been largely ignored on here.  Wondering what other people feel about the fact that there will now almost certainly be a UK referendum on the EU, and that it seems pretty likely, given most people's obsession with immigration in the UK, that an exit is on the cards. We are just about to sign the final contract on the house of our dreams here in France, having lived here already for 2 years and spent that long looking.  To suddenly find that we may find ourselves without the right to live here in 2 years time is rather a worry.  We'd lose our deposit of course, but just don't know now if we should make that financial commitment.  Feeling very down right now.  

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stonedecroze 1431096935

First...the matter is being discussed under the 'non-local' section.

Second....your fears are hardly liklely to be realized even in the event of a 'Brexit'. Do you think a million or so Brits in Europe will suddenly change places with a million or so Europeans in the UK na d wave at each other in passing on the ferry. Time to use a little common sense I feel. If tribal passions have become that xenophobic I think you'll have bigger worries than your deposit.

buster-784461 1431096998

Exiting the EU wont happen - its the big business that rule!

Itwasntme-998041 1431097074

There is a thread but has been moved to non-local. And how do explain your comment of not being able to live here in 2years time?.?


stonedecroze 1431097107

Which is buster rightly the end of the day it matters little which political party wins.

Itwasntme-998041 1431098026

Stonedecroze, me thinks it matters a lot which party wins. Simply by having a majority conservatives will be able to block the SNP. Euro has risen that helps us getting pensions from UK. Shares rose because of confidence in conservatives back in power ect ect.

stonedecroze 1431098809

A) Tory right wing rebels and sides with SNP and others......Cameron scuppered.

b) Cameron has dubious constitutional right to govern Scotland and in any event will likely be forced into giveaways.

C) Financial markets have been lulled for now as they do not like uncertainty. They value this more than which party gets in. They will make money anyway from instuments such as hedge funds and currency swaps either way. Once the honeymoon is over and Camerons right wing start putting pressure on him for the Euro exit vote it will be a different story.

D) Economic recovery is already faltering but was somehow hidden during campaigning.

E) Life will continue apace with less family and social cohesion, less mutual respect, more lip service to being pc and being seen to be doing the right thing and more corruption of the planet in the name of consumerism.


Itwasntme-998041 1431099477

Stonedecroze.but you said earlier it doesn't matter you soon changed your tune. Bit like milliband bit like milliband sounding the retreat at his last stand. Then ridding off onto the sunset with his tail between his legs. Oh and they have lost there balls ed balls.

Fitter 1431101168

If any of us have been in France for a year or three or more, been good citizens,kept our noses clean, not been in trouble, registered our vehicles over here (that's a bit of sore point I'll bet - cue loads of abuse), paid our taxes etc - I can't somehow see that the French government of the day (whatever colour that may be in the future) is going to cut off their nose to spite their face and insist that we allez-vous, after all, they need the money.  

Yasminh14 1431103076

Sorry, I didn't realise there was a separate discussions area in the non-local section, was just looking under general discussions.  That would explain it, thought it was a bit odd.

stonedcroze - how do you know my fears are unlikely to be realised?  I personally don't think it pays to be complacent.  In France, 5 years seems to be the magic number, and in 2 years time when Cameron is promising to hold the referendum, we still won't have been here for 5 years.  Even if that is irrelevant, there may be all sorts of other factors which determine which Brits will be granted cartes de sejour, and which won't.  As yet, neither I nor you have any way of knowing what those will be.   So none of us can say whether we will have an automatic right to stay here.

As for your figures, there are currently approx 2.3 million EU migrants living in the UK, with approx 2 million UK migrants living in other EU countries.  A "million or so" hardly covers it.  While the right-wingers like to bang on about pressure on space and services in the UK due to migration, in truth if we were all to swap back it would make little difference.  But the focus by the anti-EU'ers is always on how many have come into the UK and the fact that lots of us have also left is never mentioned.  I do think there will be a lot of pressure to get some of those migrants to leave should there be an exit, and who knows how EU governments may then react to that vis-a-vis British migrants?




kingly 1431107082

A recent poll showed that ( something like ) 18% of UK population would vote to leave EU - David Cameron does not want Britain out of Europe just to limit the power they have ( and , perhaps , for them to spend less time having debates / spending money on the shape of a cucumber and more on tackling people smuggling into Europe for example )

stonedecroze 1431336530

Surely the main reason behind the 'people smuggling' attempts is because the UK among others has ruined so many regimes in the Middle East through sheer ignorance.

However I'm sure that the Daily Mail or Daily Express would not back me on this.

kingly 1431346863

It does not surprise me that you read both Daily Mail and Daily Express !

kingly 1431359409

" regimes ruined " - Iraq ( give you that , although it was a Socialist Government in power I believe )

Syria , China , Egypt , Eritrea , Somalia - regimes ruined by UK ????

kingly 1431369350

Yemen . Mali , Gambia , Nigeria , Palestine - regimes ruined by UK ?

Mickrest 1431437779

It can't be denied that there was a large increase in the number of refugees seeking asylum in the UK during the years that Western powers invaded Afghanistan and Iraq (e.g. 2002 - 2004).

There is also a very definite causal link between American and British foreign policy (particularly over Afghanistan and Iraq) and the increase in Islamic fundamentalism throughout the world. This has caused much unrest in many countries that have Muslim groups in their population and has motivated many people to flee their homes in both Middle Eastern and African countries.

There are, of course, other reasons for immigration - e.g. people seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families, but it would be wrong to dismiss the powerful contribution that our stupid foreign policy has made.

kingly 1431449182

I don't dimiss it Mickrest - just don't lay the blame , purely , at UK's door

stonedecroze 1431596083

Maybe you got the wrong end of the stick re 'Mail' and 'Express' kingly?

Of course I can only assume.

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