uk election voting papers.

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Has anyone yet who is registered to vote in the uk general election had their voting papers through yet, im registered but not received anything yet, 28/04/15 getting a bit late.

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bigpmoody 1430218788

Not received ours yet, but a friend received theirs yesterday...

chrisnrob 1430305592

Hi, yes we are still waiting too here in dept 35, despite lots of contact with UK - e-mails assuring us we are registered.


chrisnrob 1430308781

Hi again - Voting papers just arrived, so the system works!

Hope yours arrive too.


NigB 1430314742

your lucky now the 29/04 still not got mine

bigpmoody 1430385100

Still not received ours! Surely unless they arrive today there is no point, especially as there are bank holidays tomorrow in France, and Monday in the UK?!

NigB 1430477640

i also have not received mine, so i emailed my local voting area. who advised me i had cancelled my right to vote, this was impossible as i had a confirmation letter from the district council where i was registered confirming my postal vote. i have now sent the copy they sent me.  so waiting for a reply but they also told me it was too late to be added as the latest date had gone by to register, so i am waiting for a reply from my last email.

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