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I don't know if anyone else has posted about this petition, but if you feel we should have the right to have a vote in the UK beyond the current 15 years, and a right to vote in any referendum on a Brexit, then you may wish to sign it.  Implement Votes for Life Legislation before the EU Referendum - Petitions   David Cameron promised expats that the law would be changed, a promise he has yet to keep and no doubt will only keep if it suits him. Burmesecat

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Tryval 1454424939

Will my, (expat for over 15yrs) participation count, I see the map on the site only shows the UK?

burmesecat 1454503650

Hi Tryval, when you go to the petition site, it asks if you are a British Citizen or UK Resident.  You tick the box, put name and email details and then it asks for Location and Postcode.  Just scroll through the countries listed under Location and highlight France and then put your French postcode.


Tryval 1454541923

Voted, thanks,

As a UK citizen and UK tax payer, contributing there, whether I like it or not! A very contented, and appreciative of the hospitality, French residend/immigrant.

Re the in/out referendum.I do feel entitled to a 'say', for example, trivial as it may seem to some, yes my 'index linked' oap is important, my only income, except for a v small harbourmasters early retirement pension, (both of which I appreciate) I've payed for both, also for health care, but I may be much more fortunate than some others, in that my health care may be linked to my French wifes, if, the UK was misguided enough to opt to abandon the advantages of belonging to a powerful economic, political, and potentialy military alliance.

OK it isn't perfect, but it WILL get better with us in, not out, a child benifits from nurturing, not abandonment.

I really do hope that the UK chooses not to go down the road that has ultimately led to so much unnecessary misery in Europe in the past, due often to economic unrest.

Kind Regards.

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