Voting in EU Referendum

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If you still can vote in the EU referendum, please do so. If you haven't registered to vote, please do it soon. You can register online. This is an issue that affects all British people who live in the EU and if we left the EU, our lives could be much more complicated here.

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enthuisiasm 1462976244

Agree Berger, it is imperative

geegee42 1462979705

A few of us can't vote due to the fifteen year rule, but anyone who lives over here and is going to vote to leave must be nuts.

Tryval 1463039104

GG, Same situation and same opinion, really bugs me, that my dosh (tax) is ok but no say how it's spent!
Hey ho, democracy at work

geegee42 1463049233

I see at the moment it's a third stay a third leave and a third no idea either way, part of me would like to see the outers win, then see the whole UK go down the swany just to teach them a lesson, it might be like a fire sale, pop over to England and grab loads of bargains, but then Boris and chums might be right and long term UK might do better out, but problem is how long is long term?, month's, years, decade's?.

berger-423858 1463055592

My local paper OuestFrance has a short article today encouraging British people to register to vote, if they still can.

Tryval 1466030370

Wish, so much, I could vote stay, ABSOLUTELY NUTS! to leave, for so many reasons, I do not understand, how people are INFLUENCED so much by the "immigration" factor, when we leave, the border returns to Dover etc, the poor buxxers start getting shoveled down the tunnel, onto the ferries etc, what are our brave Immigration, Border patrol going to do with them once on British Soil? Where do you return them to?
I think the French, Belgians, Dutch, have been incredibly sympathetic, but that cannot be be expected, will not continue after BREXIT.

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