Voting in the EU referendum

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According to this Brits living outside of the United Kingdom CAN vote in the referendum, so PLEASE DO!

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chef du gare 1454242801

Great so how do you go about registering to vote?



vulcan-395582 1454243453

Follow this link to register



vulcan-395582 1454243454

Follow this link to register



noblesse-404553 1454244488

Thanks for that, Vulcan.

Here's the link for the actual registration

kervéor 1454244934

Cccconfused .Kerveor .It says you have to be on the electoral register .I thought you had to be a Uk resident to be on that .

Barry Scott 1454245657

You can register as an overseas voter for up to 15 years after leaving the UK, as long as:

  • you’re a British citizen

  • you were registered to vote in the UK within the previous 15 years (or, in some cases, if you were too young to have registered when you left the UK)

Register in the normal way.


Important to get a vote. I will be voting to leave the dreadful EU

Anonymous 1454245744

If you were on the electoral register when you were in the UK you can still register now that you are in France.   There is an online form that starts here.  Try it and see how you get on.  Looks simple enough but I couldn't do it having never registered while in UK.

jessiedog 1454245879

The form will ask if you are a british citizen living overseas and you will then register at the last place you were on the electoral roll. Did mine last week and it took 5 minutes. Trickiest bit was remembering our old postcode !

kervéor 1454246250

been here too long 24 yrs 

ferrandiere 1454247447

If you have been living outside of the UK for less than 15 years you are still eligible to vote. You can register online using the UK address at which you were last registered on the electoral roll. Once  you have done this you will receive confirmation and when the time comes a postal voting form will be sent to you at your French address. Very important to register in time for the referendum as expats need their voices to be heard for this important decision which could change our lives forever.

noblesse-404553 1454248140


You're spot on when you say

"Very important to register in time for the referendum as expats need their voices to be heard for this important decision which could change our lives forever."

Of course if we do leave the EU there will be exceptions made for people like Barry Scott (NOT!).


jaykay-10041854 1454248759

I registered to vote in the election last year will I need to register again for the EU refendum?

ferrandiere 1454249189

Depends if the referendum falls within the 12 month period since you registered. If it does, then probably not. We get letters and new forms every 12 months from our old constituency to confirm our details.

Barry Scott 1454254133


I cant see how us leaving the EU will afect anyone having a holiday home?? If there gets to be problems ill just sell up and use gites for holidays. Dont see an issue, the French will still want the income from holidaymakers. 1454255102

if the european union was a PLC then the board would be called to account and most likely all sent packing. We, the 500 or so million  supposed "Shareholders" of this set up have no say in what this very happy little band of troughers decide we will or won't do ,or have done to us.  To my mind the EU has lost it's way and if we can not get rid of them then we must get out. I think that if the UK votes to leave then there will be a rush to the exit by many more countries who are fed up with this dictatorial style of management.  I was living in Portugal when Baroso was PM there. He helped to wreck their economy and then, disliked by all in Lisbon he was encouraged by T Blair to become Head of the commission, ( Blair had ambition to become president of the eu and hoped that with his friend from Lisbon already in place it would be job done) Can I ask, did anyone remember being asked to agree to the setting up of this layer (the commission) of tyrants? No, it is all done in a rough shod manner. The eu has lost it's way and someone has to remind them who pays their wages and massive expences. I like the French, Germans, Dutch, Brits and everyone else in the various countries globally but I hate with a vengance these tyrants and old style dictators that sit in abolsute power over us.

Please don't come back with vitriol against me as I haven't against anyone on here but please, sit back and really think about it. This has nothing to do with migrants, though David Cameron wants to create a smoke screen to make us believe that. The issue is far too deep and important for that.

Barry Scott 1454255401

Spot on, Frenchdog, I totally agree with you.

Anonymous 1454259020

ferrandiere "If you have been living outside of the UK for less than 15 years you are still eligible to vote. You can register online using the UK address at which you were last registered on the electoral roll."

That's why I can't do it.  I have not been registered to vote, even at my last UK addresses.

Shadiddly 1454259627

Frenchdog, Barrosa was in an underground MAOIST group in his early days. He is akin to Alistair Darling who marched for a republic back in the day and recently bended the knee to take the ermine coat in the house of lords. Mostly all of them are from priveledged backgrounds and would sell any so-called conviction for a position on the political ladder. They make me sick the lot of them.

As for the EU referendum, I hope England do vote to leave. I doubt though whether fowks will be brave enough after the onslaught of doomladen predictions that will soon emerge to instigate fear of the unknown in the populace.

Mostly, people on here will be considering themselves in any decision. If it is likely to hit them in the pockets or cause them any disruption in their lives they will vote no. Self-interest will come into play for those with something to lose. As in the recent referendum in Scotland, mostly i was those with something to lose who wanted to hang on in there.

Who will actually vote whilst considering the value and raison d'etre of the EU project?

mencoat 1454261734


geegee42 1454262657

I may be wrong but isn't that Barry Scott the bloke who flies a fighter jet and advertises some multi purpose cleaning product?, I can't vote been here too long , but fifteen years or not, we are still regarded as British citizens and when it may affect us then we should have the right to vote, this should apply regardless of how long you have been living abroad, I see the Australian authorities chuck you out if you hold a foreign passport including British if you commit a serious crime, this is regardless of how long you have lived there, so they still consider you to be British way past fifteen years. 1454263419

I apologise to the original poster on here as we seem to have strayed far from the subject. However, I feel that the argument to vote in or out is a little premature as we do not yet know enough about the details of what we would be voting for.  This is the thing that needs to be laid bare, good and bad on both sides without the scare tactics.

Having said that, it is never too soon to get the wheels in motion as we know that things move almost diliberatly slow when it comes to things bureaucratic.

Shadiddly, my point about Barroso, how exactly did he think he was qualified to Lord it over 500 million people?    Bah humbug to the lot of them!!! Thank goodness for vin rouge I say.

Shadiddly 1454263424

Out of interest, as someone living outwith the UK for over 15 years and still wishing to participate in major political decisions that will impact on those living there, do you believe foreigners living in the UK countries should be able to vote or not? Personally, I do if they are contributing in all the usual ways.

geegee42 1454264029

Yes fully agree, any person from an EU state who has successfully set up home in the UK should be allowed to vote, I assume a lot of these people are more worried than some of us seem to be, apparently there are around two million EU citizens living and working in the UK that is if all the figures are correct, how's that going to work, a lot are doctors, nurses, bank employee's, sports direct will probably go bust, all the asparagus will be left rotting in the fields, looks like a possible disaster too me. 1454264856

turkeys voting for christmas?  Maybe the whole of europe should say if they want us  to stay or go?

I must declare---I can not vote in the referendum as I have lived outside the UK for more than 15 years, however, I love the country of my birth and when the reasons I am in self imposed exile, ( 6 dogs and 3 cats ) are no more I hope to return there and spend my golden years pottering about, living on my UK pension, as I do here. PS, I also have to say I'm loving living here but home is home and I just wish our politicians would take better care of it and the population in general. and without the freedom from outside interference I don't see how they can do that.

geegee42 1454265901

It's just land babes, no doubt you would have been proud to have been Brazilian and treat it always as your home if you had been born, me I'm British but wouldn't have chosen to have been born there if I had been given a choice.

bearfoot 1454266617

I don't often see anyone coming out in support of staying in the EU, just a lot of people banging on about sovereignty and immigrants. I like the concept of the EU but not so much the politics but then what system was ever perfect? I can't say I much care for the politicians in the UK either and the whole debate has forced me to examine my relationship with the land of my birth.

geegee42 1454267511

The main problem is people are not being told the truth about anything including this pension business, there's to much scaremongering from both camps, articles full of ifs buts and maybes, some articles are outright lies, but a lot of people live in a bubble and very rarely go anywhere, to me the idea of a fully integrated Europe is not a problem.

Barry Scott 1454269147

Geegee42 - the idea may be a good one - but unfortunatley it is the implementation of it that is rubbish!

UK out now imho

geegee42 1454269692

I'm not even sure if all of it is actually rubbish, I lived for forty years in what I considered to be a badly run country, always in debt, very poor infrastructure, cut backs from as far back as I can remember, boom followed by  bust, no forward planning whatsoever, it seems to me the EU is not much different just done on a bigger scale.

hillhead 1454270324

British ex pats living in France voting to leave the EU does seem a little like the proverbial turkeys voting for Christmas.


geegee42 1454270574

I don't think any expats are actually voting for the UK to leave I think of the we should leave posters on here are Brits with second homes here or Brits who came over had bad experiences and went back in a bad mood.

noblesse-404553 1454271215

Well, I have a second home here and I would like to be able to continue to enjoy it as I have in the past, not to be limited as to how long I can stay in one visit and how often I can come (non-EU citizens or to have to go to the Mairie to show that I have enough money to do so!

It's easy to say you'd just sell your 'holiday' home and stay in gites in the future, but selling property here is not simple now, and with many people wanting or needing to sell at the same time the property values would be even lower and properties even slower to sell.

And I haven't read much 'scaremongering' about what might happen if the UK leaves,  the press is full of people saying we should get out asap and how wonderful it will be if we do!  But perhaps one person's 'scaremongering' is another's 'having a serious discussion about what might happen'?

Barry Scott 1454283617

When I said it was important to register to vote in the UK EU election, I assumed most people on here were holiday home owners – given the many posting about Brittany Ferries, Ryan Air etc giving awful service and not letting people get home (back to the UK) when they wanted, and I would have thought a resident would use a more serious site for a source of information. I still don’t see what effect the UK leaving the EU will have on holiday home owners. I have had many (happy) holidays in my holiday home, I bought it cheap – not as an investment – and it has more than paid for its self. If the UK, hopefully, leaves the EU and things go tits up, whilst it wouldn’t be ideal, I would just abandon it and holiday somewhere else. It was derelict when I bought it, so the French can hardly complain if it goes back to dereliction!

As for the expats, not really thought about them, but I don’t see why they should be able to vote on issues that do not concern them – they don’t live in the UK - there title says it all really – ex patriots. 

geegee42 1454284127

Out of interest Barry Scott why do you feel its necessary for the UK to leave the EU.

c2oafc-383379 1454318306

Good for you Barry Scott if you are in a position to abandon your holiday home ,; Truth is that us who live here may not be in a position to just abandon our homes and families !!  Are you in any way related to somebody in power in Syria ? You took the thread off post , it will be a sad loss (NOT)  if you dont holiday in France anymore !! The following drivel / text is your posting :::::


I have had many (happy) holidays in my holiday home, I bought it cheap – not as an investment – and it has more than paid for its self. If the UK, hopefully, leaves the EU and things go tits up, whilst it wouldn’t be ideal, I would just abandon it and holiday somewhere else. It was derelict when I bought it, so the French can hardly complain if it goes back to dereliction!

Thanks for your opinion ...... NOT !!!


orme2 1454318970

Barry Scott:  first, the word is ex-patriate, not ex-patriot.  The meaning is not the same.

Secondly, if Britain does leave the EU then that would have an effect on other EU countries.  It would  have an effect on British people who live and work in France (and there are many of them in the big towns such as Paris).

I've been away from the UK so long that it probably wouldn't affect me personally one way or another, and it even may be better in that the rest of Europe may not have to kow-tow to the City so much (one can always hope), but I think that a lot of British people living and working in all the different EU countries may find their lives become more complicated with a Brexit.


Breeze-906262 1454320865

I may have issues with some of the silly rules that come out of Brussels, but I love living in France. Do I want to lose my right to healthcare here in France? No.  Do I want to have my UK state pension frozen for evermore at today's rate?  No.   Do I want to see the value of my French home drop like a stone?  No. Do I want UK businesses to lose their automatic right to favourable trading options with other European countries?  No. Will I be voting to come out of the Union with Europe?  No.

Anonymous 1454330654

I keep running across a claim that there are something like half a million UK expats resident in France.  I can't confirm that statistic without further research but whatever the figure is there is a significant number of people who are making their lives here for various reasons.  If BS above is wealthy enough to just walk away from his French holiday home then it fits well with the old phrase "I'm alright Jack".  The rest of us might be faced with going back and straight onto benefit and a bedsit for the rest of our days.

geegee42 1454331802

I for one don't really understand all the arguments for or against, regardless of what the out camp says the UK cannot stand on its own, leaving will make no difference whatsoever to immigration as more immigrants come from outside the EU than within it, as far as silly laws are concerned, the UK has the right of veto and just like France they could ignore them if they so wish, taking back our borders?, the UK has full control of its borders already, in work benefits?, within the next four years the living wage will come in and put most workers above the benefit level anyway and the paying more in than we get out bit depends on who's figures you believe, it will probably take years to sort the EU into a format that everyone's happy with but eventually it will get there.

Laurie Driver 1454336360

If anybody is interested in factual information there is some interesting / worrying reading on the following link,{emailaddress}&h=true


and the video on the following link is excellent and well worth watching,




hillhead 1454349571

I wouldn't exactly call that factual information. A lot of scaremongering and some badly drawn conclusions.


Laurie Driver 1454350292

So Hillhead,

According to you there is nothing factual written about on the first link and nothing factual spoken about on the second.

Well I'm glad you're here to inform me of that because I was thinking that some of what was written and spoken about just might have been true.


geegee42 1454350653

I suppose it all boils down to the same thing, the UK doesn't like the idea of people coming to England and claiming benefits when they are not actually contributing, so the UK wants to leave, get the financial benefit of staying in the EU but not actually contribute anything.

notagain! 1454363326

A lot of the ex-pats over here get very worried about what would happen if the UK left the EU but its a fact that ex-pat Brits can be found all over the world in loads of  non EU countries  living and working or retired and owning property.  In addition Brits lived and worked all over Europe (including France) for hundreds of years before the EU. Yes it would be a bit harder in terms of paperwork but that's all.

The idea of a European free market is great (IMHO) and I love Europe its culture and its people but the EU has evolved well beyond anything that resembles what the British people were originally polled on joining or an organisation limited to a free market ethos. It is a federalist snowball and a frighteningly undemocratic institution; most of us, including myself, have never had any vote on whether we believe our country should be part of this union.  Those countries that voted to leave (Ireland, Denmark) were not allowed to; rather there had to be additional referendums until the politicians got the result they wanted. 

Sorry to prove you wrong geegee42 but I am one ex-pat who will be voting to leave the EU.



kervéor 1454364540

What about the worry for retired Ex pats on their state pension being frozen at todays rate ?

geegee42 1454365548

I would worry more about the exchange rate rather than your index linked increase, I in one way of thinking would like to see the UK leave, as it might kick the boys in Brussels into rethinking some of their big plan, none of which is really going to work until the old eastern bloc members have been put on a firmer financial footing and the European agricultural system has been sorted, I for one would like to see the European union working, I would like to see us all living and trading happily together, but on the other hand voting to leave might cause a lot of changes to the UK which might be permanent, bulk of Scots, Irish and welsh want in not out, bankers and big multinationals keep harping on about how they wouldn't leave the UK if UK votes out, this reminds me a bit of football club chairman who have every faith in their failing manager and then sack him the next day. I'm not able to vote I've been here long enough so yes or no has very little affect on me, but I wish they would just get it over with instead of all this we've got a deal no we haven't business.

Shadiddly 1454366078

As I posted earlier and is evident from some of the posts in this thread, most people consider things from an essentially selfish perspective as opposed to the value and overarching aims of the EU project. The same was evident in the Scottish referendum, those voting NO were the Affluent who wished things to remain the same for themselves, pensioners in fear of their pensions and non-Scottish UK residents (mostly English given their numbers relative to the rest of the UK member countries). 

geegee42 1454367045

Shadiddly I agree, having watched annihilation these last couple of weeks there's no way we would want any chance of anything like that happening again, and if a united states of Europe means half a billion all live happily together then bring it on.

Cookatreat 1454369750

 There is no honesty to the debate in the uk ,

false fears are used to bully people into staying in , and no one in the UK is putting forward the United States of Europe argument , even though it is openly discussed in Brussels , 

 reject big brother and faceless unaccountable government and let's open our minds to a more creative and flexible future , 

it would be great to see the artisan heart of France reborn by rejecting the beauracrats ,

geegee42 1454370777

Sometimes I do wonder if we are all on the same planet, I don't know if people have noticed but we have gone global, its not little countries anymore that matter its the world, Brazil supplies half the soya that feeds the EU,'s pigs and chickens, major turmoil there and half our meat supply goes down the swany, before long we will need half of Morocco and tunisia covered in solar farms to provide our power, we need to all work together as a coherant unit, not a load of little bits all trying to decide what to do, look at the current Syrian/ refugee problem, the Libyan problem and the big multinationals  tax avoidance issues, all thats happened is various countries arguing as to who should do what, I hope its one day the United States of Europe then the United States of Earth followed by the Federation of Planets. Beam me up.

Cookatreat 1454371767

Some issues clearly need a coordinated response through international debate leading to action when needed , the United Nations could be that forum ? 

the speed of "globalisation" has already made the EU model out of date ,

but the fundamental point of any referendum is that a United States of Europe has been forced upon the people without any honesty or openness ,in fact lies have been told at every stage and that makes the whole project corrupt , 

geegee42 1454374987

I don't think it's ever been a secret that the ultimate aim was a united states of Europe, and our lives are all run by unelected bureaucrats already, we have governments that only thirty odd percent of the population vote for, it seems the Swiss are the only ones with some sort of fair referendum system, I hope we eventually end up with a system similar to the US but preferably not run by a handful of very wealthy people.

orme2 1454405121

I'm with geegee42 here.  There is a lot of talk in the social media about some kind of conspiracy for the Europe but, as geegee says, a united Europe was the aim from way back.  If the UK didn't understand this, or if it thought it could just go along for the ride until the going got bumpy, then it was mistaken.

Is it possible that there is another conspiracy?  One whereby the big countries are trying to divide Europe to weaken it?  Break it up before it becomes too powerful, after all, it is one of the biggest markets in the world.  There is perhaps more than one way to view the situation.

It seems to me that the people with the most power on this planet are those who hold the purse strings - bankassurance, petrol-rich states, multinationals.  We don't get to vote for them, do we, but they wield enormous power over us.


Cookatreat 1454416363

It is a case that the people of Britain were not told that a United States of Europe was being built , government papers released recently show that there was deliberate deception by Heath in the 70's and kinnock, Blair, major and Cameron have all denied that there are any plans to build a United States of Europe . Unfortunately , even now , you won't find any senior uk politicians being open about this . 

if the United States of Europe is such a worthy ideal and aim , it would be best to give people a free choice in advance , and not scare people by saying it has happened so get over it . 

Mighty emipres come and go throughout history ,

honesty , truth and freedom are ideals worth pursuing , those ideals have been and are absent in the European project . 

bearfoot 1454419497

Indeed mighty empires come and go. The british empire went along time ago leaving just a small overcrowded island. Get over it and be part of something better. Please no harking back to the good old days of the '70s and before, it was crap - strikes, rubbish piled in the street and power cuts. Yes the politicians are corrupt, lying so and so's but it's the same the world over on a local level or international level. It's a small planet and perhaps it's about time to just get on with our neighbours and search for our common ground.

Laurie Driver 1454420510

From the comments made by some contributors it seems to me quite evident that they have absolutely no idea of what all of this EU nonsense is about or where the 'powers that be' are intent on leading us and the only thing I find more frightening than the information on the following link is that fact that so many people are completely unaware of it.

Please people, read what's on the following link!!!!



bearfoot 1454422149

OK Laurie, So I am sitting here wearing my tin hat reading the link. Take away the conspiracy theory part and sure there is a bit of truth in everything but are you saying that Cameron and the UK are or are not part of this club?

Dibbyspot 1454422338

The OP started on the basis that everyone who can, should vote - I agree  but the UK government doesn't. If it did it would legally require, like the Belgian government, all of those who are entitle to - to vote by law.

So why is the UK seeking a referendum? Simple - the internal dynamics of the Tory party. Neither the Liberals or Labour favoured the referendum. Nor are any other EU governments going down this route.

As for too many immigrants coming to the UK claiming benefits - this is false. For EU originating immigrants  the vast majority work and pay UK taxes. As for in work benefits - if a UK citizen pays UK tax and is entitled to such benefits why not their fellow worker even if from some other part of the EU. This is the discrimination argument.

Yes there is a discussion about the cost, the subsidies and the waste. However the UK government and populous need to complain and work for internal change. Sadly, UK politicians, even Mr Farage,  are either actively living off the EU "gravy train" or seeking to get on it. Outside the EU these same politicians would seek a similar gravy trains except this time paid only by the English tax payers since the Scots would leave the Union. It is a simple choice which is the least worst option. I'm voting to stay in! Cameron has shown himself to be a weak fraud in getting this referendum that will waste a lot of time and money achieving little.



bearfoot 1454422891

With the Scots, the Northern Irish and Welsh (apparently) in favour of staying in the EU and Little England wanting to leave perhaps the ultimate result would be the break up of the United Kingdom? Could be interesting times ahead. 

Laurie Driver 1454423128


What I'm saying is that Cameron and the UK definitely are part of this club, as are all the other major countries and their senior politicians, and the problem with it all is that the overwhelming majority of the general public no nothing at all about it.

When the people go to the polling booths they think they are voting to elect a government to govern their own individual countries yet this hasn't been the case for a long, long time. All the plans and big decisions are being made in secret by the wealthy industralists and their ilk and the politicians are simply puppets who implement these plans and decisions rather than 'rock the boat' by informing the public of the truth and it's been this way for decades.



geegee42 1454424968

I personally have no idea about the goings on in Strasbourg or Brussels, as far as waste and gravy trains are concerned I have no idea about what's happening there either, subsidies it seems we have two options, subsidise the farmers pay less for food, don't subsidise the farmers pay more for food, and have loads of small farmers go bust, as far as some evil plan to take over the world led by Darth sidious Merkel, I can't see that one happening. Most Americans seem to treat capital hill the same way we seem to look at Brussels, all forms of government waste vast sums of money and it doesn't matter who one  vote's for they all do it, hopefully it will be a close stay in vote which might be a bit of a wake up call for some politicians and we can get on with things as normal.

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