What is really going on, in and around Calais.

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Anonymous 1455121409

It is going to be very difficult to find an answer to that as long as mainstream media is state controlled.  

I am wondering why the UK government is so happy to abandon responsibility of their own citizens in favour of the incomers and altering so many of our traditions so as not to "offend" them.

If the French government is "turning a blind eye" to what their own countryment are having to suffer in Calais as well then there is something very significant going on further up the food chain.

I recommend everyone read the link Fitter has posted and pass it on to your friends. 

Gleaner 1455121618

Done so. And what an eyeopener that was.

dozygirl 1455121721

It certainly was an eye-opener, and extremely disturbing.

Ullrich 1455123143

Just to be on the safe side, has anybody bothered to check the translation. I can't as my French is not nearly good enough. Just a thought.

Kernana-407546 1455123651

As far as I was able to see, and I watched the video, it was pretty much spot on. Though, my OH would do better.

Ullrich 1455124562

What really worries me is, that if half of this is true, not much of this makes news on the net. I tried a google search in German using the equivalents of assault and Calais and all the first four pages produced were reports about police violence against immigrants and a few reports about immigrants attacking truck drivers to get on the ferries or the train to the UK. Should the entire internet be ignorant??? No conspiracy theories, please.

Gleaner 1455125041

Perhaps they aren't reporting it because it was a staged event, as in some kind of agent provocatuer.

Though, I doubt that after watching the video. It seemed that the woman was legit. Her body language perhaps showed that. Watch the fingers on her left hand move in a nervous way as she started her speech. I took it to show that she was nervous about standing up in front of those people and make that speech.

woodlandsruth 1455126877

I feel extremely sad for the people of Calais who really don't deserve what is happening to them. What I find so difficult to understand is the reports of thousands of young male refugees who have fled wars and persecution who, on travelling thousands of miles, seem to expect every european country to be ready to house, feed, cloth, process and employ or at least be provided with benifits that in all probability they would never have recieved in their own country. If this assistance is not provided quickly enough we hear they riot. Why did this anger/fustration/indignation not prompt them to be as organised within their own country and perhaps they would not require to flee their homes. Before all the usual comments are made I am totally for accepting genuine refugees but if people are not willing to fight for their home country who do they think should?   

Euryale 1456331027

Hello, thanks for posting this link. A new post is up on the Deltakyklos blog: http://wp.me/s76OZl-albion

As you can guess from the title, it's about the UK. Feedback welcome!



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