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This posting is generally a follow on from the anti anglo posting. I mention that i have a deep love of history especially that of the celts. I would say that i am knowledgable in referring to the celts of ireland scotland and even cornwall but i know very little of the breton celts. I am aware that many old dieties are similar with that of the welsh ie merlin, morgan and the knights of the round table. I have visited some sacred sites here in brittany such as pays de la roche aux fees foret de broceliande and of course carnac. Can anyone suggest other places to visit. I would love to know more about the clans of brittany what there rank was and who eventually overthrew the celts. I think its important for me to obtain this history and to gain a sence of the people and the culture of the breton people. Does anyone else feel the same as i do Furthermore does anyone know of any celtic traditions that are still being honoured today. For example in ireland we celebrate st Brigids day on the first of feb. This was the beginning of the spring time or lughs day which is celebrated at the end of july or even halloween at the end of october I would be most gratefull to anyone who can enlighten me about the celts of brittany .   regards Anne Marie  

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Well I have never seen Brittany looking like this! There is a blanket of 35cm in the garden . . . . . who has more? (Pam, didn't you mention snow??) regards,    Bob

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Hi there all, Just thought I would see if this gets any where.... It's based on the "Today, I will Mostly be Thankful For . . . . . . ." string, maybe I should have called it "Today, I WOULD be most thankful for.....". It all started this afternoon, as I was driving along in my car and had a mad craving for......................a BIG bar of Fruit & Nut!! Who knows maybe I am pregnant!!!!!!!!Kenavo!Dan

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Hi all, My husband and I will be going to London next month for a conference. I thought I should grab the opportunity to do some serious book shopping as I'm a bookaholic ;-) This will be my first time to London and I've checked online some of the hotels but could not believe the prices! And very sneaky some of the website quoted prices per person per night! Is this common in the UK? I know this is totally off-topic but I hope that someone could give me a tip for an excellent hotel or a thrust worthy website to book a London hotel. It's difficult not knowing the area's 'where not to go' as they have probably the most reasonable hotel rates. The conference is in Olympia in the Earl Court so anywhere near the tube would be nice. If you don't want to clog up the website with useless London hotel chatter please send me an private email. Thanks! -- Tink (22)

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This part of the forum is not as easy to use as the main bit. When the subjects are listed, there is no link to the latest postings (particularly for the Limericks!). It means clicking several times to see what you want. I personally don't like being notified by mail, because I get enought mail as it is. There is no return to the General Debate list either, which means that when you've posted a message you have to return to the main forum page or to the subject you've just come from (I never do this). This is meant to be helpful criticism. What about you other regular users of this section of the Forum? What do you think?

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Hey I've had long discussions about this with the french people I work with and I have to say that I'm not convinced. Opinions on the two sides of the channel seem to differ widly. All the people I know here seem in favor of the current 'projet de loi', but on returning home for XMas the first question old workmates asked me was 'What does the french govenment think its up to?'. It's not that I have strong feeling either way, it's just that the whole thing worries me. I know from personal experience that it's not easy to fit into another culture and I wonder how the people affected by this law will feel. After talking about it at work today I just wondered how other people who are not living in their original country felt about it

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Interesting article in today's Sunday Mirror (and others). http://www.sundaymirror.co.uk/news/content_objectid=13928696_method=full_siteid=106694_headline=-D%2DDAY%2DBANDINGS-name_page.html

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Seeing the topic on cravings, I thought of stuff I'd be packing for France. Porridge, Mary Berry's salad dressing, Branston pickle, fruit and nut(thanks to cravings), marmite, Malteser drink...anything I've missed?? Anyone in Silfiac 56480 area, would be happy to purchase on your behalf for your collection when we arrive in Brittany in March!! p.s. I was told you can't find cooking apples in France - surely this can't be right? Mags. mags

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HELP Sometime this evening a message came up on my computer telling me I have won a prize and to press ''here''. I don''t want to win a prize but I do want to clear my screen............the blasted think won''t go away...........has anyone any ideas what to do? Jill

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Do we have any Americans lurking here . . . . or are we alone?? Ray

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I have just had a beautifully made traditional rocking horse here in Brittany, a present for my grand-daughter. If any one is interested please let me know and I'll email photo and details. Jill

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article in the daily mail on Sat. 17 Jan. I think this just about sums it up ! PenganBrian

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Hello Ray http://magma.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0207/feature2/index.html   Thought you should see this website Sally

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As I write this..you are all slumbering..dreams etc....floating in your head...I wish to know how you are feeling about your move?...and has it been worth it?...and will I appreciate it when I get there...5 years hence...as I WAS born there in Bretagne...will something crawl up and say...Pat you have been meant to come here all along?...its in your blood...and will I win a movie award? Just teasing...let me know...I often wonder on this.. patricia

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Does anybody have any comments on the Hutton Report and the predicament of the BBC? Lindi

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Why did you all decide to move to France, cheap property perhaps? Some immigrants say that the style of life here is so much better than there own country, France “still retains its old fashioned values” whatever that means? It would appear that some immigrants complain about the standard of efficiency in France based on what and where, I ask? From a French eye it seems that you are all trying to change the French “system” to fit in with your life style, this is of course equal to banging your head against a brick wall! Many of the gripes you have regarding the system here in France are unfounded, solely because the majority do not understand the French language (and many of you do not want to!). May I suggest that you air your problems more often since I am sure some of you out there are able to offer a French solution to a problem.  

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During my continuing cultural research into the world of french music I have found serveral things that I have to say really aren't that bad. In particular I'd have to say that Benabar and Mc Solar come out tops (ok for the pedantic i know that Mc Solars not totally french). Other people deserving of merit i feel are Carla Bruni and Vincent Delerm. Special attetion should be paid to 'Freedom for Kingkong' and 'Arsenik', although not quite as acessable. A guy at work keeps talking about 'Les tetes raids', but haven't rtried them yet. What about other people? Anything I should look for?   Teo  

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any late-nighters out there?patricia

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Dear All, I am going to have some difficulty here as the written word can often seem much harsher than is meant by the writer. Please take this post as light hearted, though genuinely concerned. Myself and my partner are planning a move to Brittanny in the near future and this website is extremely usefull in levelling out our learning curve of what we may need to know. For that I cannot thank Admin and contributers enough. However I am at a total loss over a few posters here who seem only interested in sniping at those Brits who, in their own opinion, do not totally integrate with the French. Not everyone can speak French perfectly. Especially not from Day One. Not everyone feels that they must totally ignore other Brits if they are to be politically correct. What is their problem? Were I to complain that Sikhs still spoke to other Sikhs I would be classed as racist. Were I to complain that no one should learn from others' experiences I would be classed as foolish. Were I to disagree with both situations and then joined a website designed to allow both then I would be described as - well - you pick your own description. I have spent time in Italy, Germany, Nederlands, as well as Canada and the USA. But nowhere else in Europe have I come across this anti-Brit situation among Brits themselves. Is it some sort of snobbery? Some sort of elitism? Or just a ruddy silly attitude? As I said, I do not want to insult anyone - quite the contrary - I think there is enough silly and offensive insults being bandied about already. Must go, I am in the process of adding Breton to my lousy Italian, German, Dutch, Welsh and Cornish. Shame my English isn't too good either, but that's a Yorkshireman for you.  

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  I thought I’d put pen to paper to say how we discovered Brittany 28 years ago. Our first visit was in 1976 with a 3 year old daughter and 18 month old son. We stayed in a two roomed Gite at Kergoad Vihan. We drove down from Calais to keep the costs down. However, 400 miles with two youngsters and no dual carriageways or motorways was daunting to say the least! We had to drive through every main town from Calais to Kergoad Vihan. During our stay we discovered that there were no English papers available. Also we didn’t take any books to read in the evening. Kergoad Vihan is fairly remote from towns. We finished up taping Tony Blackburn off the car radio and listening to that of an evening. Weird getting time checks for 2 pm at 10 pm ! The main thing was we were the only English folk around, however with Henriette as our hostess, the local community accepted us quite readily. When we ate out at lunch time we were amazed to be charged only for two meals and given plates for the children, to be filled from our plates. I think this practice is dying out if it has not already gone. The owners noticed what appetites our youngsters had and over the three weeks put more and more on our plates! One thing which was quite disturbing was that because I drove an Opel Kadett car the locals thought we were German and even 31 years after World War 2 were, not exactly hostile, but distant. I cured this by parking the car out of the way and walking into town centres. I could go on and on but suffice to say we now own a house in Brittany . We have TV and radio; I have a magazine sent monthly from England . English speaking cashiers at supermarkets. Oh and the best of all, Mc Donald’s everywhere! Only joking about the last but hey if you like them why not? Ray

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