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Am thinking of moving after 9yrs in Brittany to the Midi Pyrenees. Has anyone any useful info/advice? Only Fact please not opinions. Thanks                                                                 Innit

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I would be interested to contact any Anglophone organisations involved in providing support in France for Syrian or other refugees. 

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Please sign this petition to try and persuade the BBC to reconsider their decision not to renew their contract with the Met Office: https://www.change.org/p/bbc-urge-the-bbc-to-reconsider-its-decision-not-to-renew-the-met-office-contract Once again the BBC are shooting themselves in the foot by deciding not to renew the Met Office contract. How can another provider give accurate forcasts if they do not have the experience or computing power? The Met Office are world leaders and most other providers buy their info from them anyway.

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Hi All We live up in Normandy and are going on a little break to Bergerac in September ( 8th - 15th). Like a fool decided it was too far to drive all the way so decided to drive down to Nantes and get the train to bordeaux. Booked the tickets and the website said I could reserve station parking at the same time.....I thought it said 4.95 per day but it turned out quoted cost is almost as much as the holiday and the train travel put together.  By then it was to late to cancel it.  So am now exploring other options. Does anyone live within easy reach of Nantes and have room for a Berlingo for a week. Obviously I'll pay you for your trouble.  Otherwise any other suggestions? The airport car parking isn't too bad (€40 ) but it seems a long way away. Or am I wrong about that?   I don't know Nantes so any ideas/ solutions would be great. All the best Jane     

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I know we live in France but that doesn't mean we are cut off from the rest of the world so with that in mind I am amazed that there doesn't seem to have been any comment on the passing of Cilla Black, considering she figured so large in the younger years of us who were young enough to move and shake a bit. We can't all have forgotten our "youff". I was a child bride of 19 in 1963 but I haven't yet joined the Alzheimers club, in spite of my old man calling me a "dotty old bag" sometimes, ( usually after I've called him a "fussy old ***f")  But I digress from the subject of Cilla, As Paul O'Grady said at her funeral today, we are all shocked, we all thought Cilla would always be here. I would just like to say "Thank you Cilla for the sound of your lovely scouser voice that left us with so many happy memories and for the fun you gave us TV viewers when you appeared on our screens.

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I have been invited to a Field trial day near St Lo on Sunday the 16 of August ,can anyone recommend    a B and B /gite or hotel for a 2 night stay, the dogs are quiet and can sleep in their boxes in the car 

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Do's the UK need a House of Lords, it appears to cost, at the moment about, Sterling, 40 -50 million per Annum before Camerons increases, IMHO  we have enough unelected ' rulers' with our PREDOMINANTLY unemployed AGED ROYAL FAMILY.

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Have been listening to this programme this week meeting Brits who have moved to various EU countries and have been amazed at some of the attitudes expressed in particular with regards to immigration to the UK. For some reason some Brits don't perceive themselves as immigrants themselves in their host country, seeing themselves as 'ex-pats' and can't see the parallels between their lives and the lives of those immmigrants they are so critical of in the UK. Interesting listening  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0643qs5/episodes/guide

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hi all going from rostrenen to st malo and back again tomorrow morning,does anybody know if there are likely to be any farmers hold ups onroute please.thanks derek

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I am reliably informed that all new euro banknotes issued will be printed on Greeceproof paper ! With apols. to le fils de D & J R....S

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Hi, Can anybody suggest the best/most effective way to sell a house in Catalonia,Spain? My parents have a town house which they desperately need to sell, and have just reduced it to £85k for a quick sale. Which is less than half of its original valuation! They have put it on with 10+ agents over there, and also ebay UK. Any advice or help will be much appreciated. Many thanks

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Have any of you read the latest book by George East best known for his humourous writings about France?   http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Naked-Truth-about-Women-ebook/dp/B010MSA4FA/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top   This short, inexpensive but outrageous book is about women. I would be really intrigued to know what people think.   Apparently George's wife Donella intends to write one about men in revenge- has anyone any suitable stories to help her with that?

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Hi folks, is it just me or is anyone else out there finding it impossible to renew their DT internet subscription? I've been a subscriber for yonks,  yet trying to complete the annual form seems to end in a computer Nirvana. I've e-mailed their subscription department a couple of times but haven't received any reply. Any advice anyone? Otherwise I'm going to end up being  a champagne socialist reading the Grauniad. At least it's free! 

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why oh why do the media keep showing film or photos of murdering terrorists. This is exactly what these terrorist groups want. 

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We are thinking of moving to Ireland with our dogs and horses.  We are aware of what the weather is like, but would appreciate any views or comments on this idea. Especially from anyone who has lived there. We used to live in North Wales and miss the dramtic scenery, diving, wild open spaces and out door lifestyle. We have visited eastern Ireland, but never lived there. Looking forward to receiving your comments.

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I would urge those of you who have been here less than 15 years to register to vote in UK elections, so that you will be able to vote in the EU referendum. So much is at stake for British expats. Those of us who have lived here more than 15 years will not be able to vote in this referendum. All of us however can join pressure groups to campaign for a "yes" vote. One such organisation is the European Movement. The UK organisation is organised on a country or regional basis - for example, there is a branch for the East of England, one for Scotland, etc. I would also suggest that you write to the MP in your UK constituency about the importance of staying in the EU and how an exit might affect British expats.  We mustn't be apathetic. This is a very important issue for all of us.

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Does anyone know of a plumber in 16 that could come out today or tomorrow at all? Hot water to kitchen but none to bathroom....thanks!

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Hi. can anyone tell me the best way to get from Plymouth to Truro,I have checked National Express but have to go via London,I was hoping to get the morning ferry out and evening ferry back,but can't find how to get to Truro.sabc15.

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There is now talk of bringing the referendum on Europe forward to 2016, i.e. next year.  I tried to raise this in another thread, but the discussion went off topic (has now moved on to British foreign policy in Muslim countries!), and I'd really like to know what other people think about this.  I can't help being very worried about what this might mean for those of us ex-pats living here and elsewhere within the EU, as the Tories are already showing that they don't give a damn about how what they do will affect actual people.  Should the British people vote to leave the EU, where might that leave us?

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