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Good luck to the VILLA today in the cup UP THE VILLA.

started by: Brian Stone · last update: 1432886973 · posted: 1432886973

If you pay tax in England, and satisfy the conditions set out in this link, you should register your interest if you haven't already applied. https://www.gov.uk/marriage-allowance

started by: Frasier-394210 · last update: 1432855676 · posted: 1432853430

Can anyone tell me please where one goes to collect a hire car from Stansted airport please. I know you go to the desk in the terminal first but am not sure where one collects the car from ?

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Just a reminder to tell any of you oval minded people that ireland will be playing a star studded baa baas team in thomond park tonight at 19.45 hrs local time (20.45 here) and england will be playing them in at twickers on sunday at 15.00 hrs local time (16.00 here). It will be a good chance for both joe shmidt and stuart lancaster to play a few of the up and coming players and get in a bit of practice before the upcoming world cup. Shmidt is keeping the majority of irelands star 15 out,but has thrown in a couple of stars including heaslip and kearney,and lancaster has got ten rwc players in sundays game. There are some fine players in the baa baa's too which includes some big names in rugby such as adam jones,nathan hines,and joe rococoko. Hopefully a couple of good and exciting games coming up to help celebrate this 125th year of baa baas rugby. Enjoy Love and odd shaped balls Jamie xx

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Don't suppose I will be able to vote in the EU Referendum either, democracy at work.

started by: whalebone-429708 · last update: 1432392226 · posted: 1432387000

Hello everyone, I am considering buying a house in the UK and renting it out. Can anyone who is already doing this explain if there are any pitfalls? What happens about tax, is it declared and paid in the UK on an annual tax return, or you have the rent paid gross without tax and then declare it in France, but if this is the case would I have to pay social charges on the rental income in France? If this is the case then this would of course significantly reduce the yeild. I do hope I have been clear on what I am asking? Looking forward to your replies from people who are already doing this and know how it really works. Thanks

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  We have decided to sell a flat we own in Torquay which we have rented out for many years.   A friend there showed estate agents around to obtain valuations.  That was the easy bit!! Having decided on an agent they then asked us for proof of identity - all very reasonable - we have offered copies of our passports, proof of where we live in France, names of people who can vouch for us but that, apparently isn't enough.  We have been asked if we can obtain proof from our local Mairie.  We have said that if they care to send us a letter to be signed that will satisfy them then that's fine.  They have already checked the Land Registry for proof that the property is in our name.  Perhaps a certified blood sample might satisfy them?  

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A little surprised to see that the subject of the general election seems to have been largely ignored on here.  Wondering what other people feel about the fact that there will now almost certainly be a UK referendum on the EU, and that it seems pretty likely, given most people's obsession with immigration in the UK, that an exit is on the cards. We are just about to sign the final contract on the house of our dreams here in France, having lived here already for 2 years and spent that long looking.  To suddenly find that we may find ourselves without the right to live here in 2 years time is rather a worry.  We'd lose our deposit of course, but just don't know now if we should make that financial commitment.  Feeling very down right now.  

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Hi We are with Credit Agricole Cotesd'armor.  Is there a charge if we use our CB card in Spain and if so how much?

started by: pcer-419761 · last update: 1431432835 · posted: 1431134739

At last the UK has a single party government with the mandate to govern despite only a small but definititive majority.  It seems rather amazing that although the election campaign has been "raging" in the UK for the past month or so I have not seen a single post on here concerning the UK General Election.  I would have thought that the strength of the UK economy has a direct bearing on the exchange rate and hense the value of the pensions or other investments of many UK expats living in the euro zone. Perhaps we should all be giving a big cheer?  

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Watched ( on YouTube ) Monty Python sketches - my favourite has to be I'm a LumberJack etc - what's yours ?

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Anyone moved back to England, and happy about it, any regrets?

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I applied for a postal vote 2 months ago and to date have not received anything, anyone had a similar experience?

started by: night&day · last update: 1431102840 · posted: 1430391727

HI   We have receivd our voting papers, now we are wondering in the return envelope needs a stamp  

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A Baby Princess, born this morning! As we girls know,  born above average weight. What do you think her name will be? Cheers Cas:

started by: JohnnyVegas · last update: 1430666684 · posted: 1333015681

Thought I would share this with you although I do know most people are aware you can't play the UK Lottery whilst living in France it seems they are tightening the rules: quote: As you are aware, to play National Lottery games online you need to be a UK or Isle of Man resident and be physically located in the UK or Isle of Man when buying a ticket. If you play by Direct Debit, not only must you be physically located in the UK or Isle of Man when setting up your Direct Debit but also when making amendments to it, including buying additional tickets, or changing your numbers or payment details.From 23rd April 2012, any player attempting to access their National Lottery Account from outside of the UK or Isle of Man will be prevented from doing so, as our location software will block any access.

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Has anyone yet who is registered to vote in the uk general election had their voting papers through yet, im registered but not received anything yet, 28/04/15 getting a bit late.

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TO ALL SEASONED TRAVELLERS Please could anyone inform if there is a bus link between PARIS Major Airport CDG and other Paris Airports.   I have a visitor flying into CDG and flying  onto Rennes need to sort out the best mode of travel for a Senior Citizen   Thank you    

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We've registered for postal votes - has anyone received their forms from UK yet? Just wondering when they will arrive - hopefully in good time for returning them to UK! Many thanks for any info Chrissie

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Did anybody watch this programme last week, and see Mr Roger Peach an Ex builder from Brittany? We used Mr Peach's services to help renovate our Mill.....

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