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Dear all, As I sit on the ferry returning to the UK after 9 years I thought I would share a secret of how to make a small fortune in Brittany. Start with a large one. Bon continuation tous le monde.    

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Has anyone else had any 'issues' trying to register to vote? Hubby completed the online form and was rejected as there was a problem with his NI number! He was very concerned as he was born in Cornwall in 1953 and has never used a different name and worked all that time (40+ years) in the county. And never before has there been any issues at all. So, after much communication with the local Council and then the HM Revenues and Customs! last week he received a letter from the latter requesting his Birth Certificate! Then, today, he has received a letter from the Council advising him that he has to 'Provide an attestation' whcih has to be signed by a "supporter"  who is British and living overseas and able to vote but must not be a family member. Grrrrrrrrrr..... As far as we know there isn't any British person living near us so it is impossible! To say we are furious is an understatement. So, when we are being reminded to regsiter to vote as 'it only takes 2 minutes', IT DOES NOT!  And, although I can vote I will not be doing so as I am so outraged at such incompetence.

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in the uk working well the Brits are doing better then any other western country let alone E.U countries in getting out of recession, time to go home i think and leave france and the ex pat dinner party set to slide down the plugholeI

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I just thought I'd remind people that today, 28th March, is the anniversary of the Commando raid on the dry dock at St Nazaire.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXusKM5uX0s Regards, John.

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A good article on some US-French history in its war against the world's most powerful empire. http://www.vagazette.com/news/va-vg-french-support-for-american-revolution-honored-with-marker-near-jamestown-20150318,0,6111771.story  

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There is a member of Anglo Info in the Poitou-Charentes desperately seeking help on the following link and I thought I'd post it here in case anybody knows who he can turn to for help. http://poitoucharentes.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/130940/0/help-needed Regards, John.

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I am looking for good a Bed and Breakfast or small Hotel in Honfleur with parking facilities,in walking distance of the town centre.Thanking you in advance for any replies

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Since March 2nd. if you have too much of certain prescription drugs in your blood and the police think you are impaired for driving you may be stopped and tested.  This shows the drugs involved :- http://think.direct.gov.uk/drug-driving.html and scroll down. Dave    

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strong>France: 1.I needed a dentist, I saw one the next day. 2.My husband had blood tests, he had the results the same day. 3.I have a history of head and neck problems, I've had x-rays, kinetherapie and a hospital appointment with the specialist. strong>UK: 1. I need a dentist whose first language is English and I need one before 6 months. (IMPOSSIBLE on both counts!) 2. Blood test results: 2 weeks minimum.  3.Advised by all the GPs I saw to take paracetamol!    Some of you may disagree but I can only speak with my experience. Healthcare is one of the many reasons I would not return to the UK. 

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Hi, passed to me by a friend in the Dordogne. He saw this on AngloInfo about the Goverment stopping winter fuel payments to the pensioners in France and Spain. Just seen this on a Spanish ex pats site. We have been sent a possible loophole in the Statutory Instrument, the piece of legislation that the British Government has used to take away the Winter Fuel Payment.There is a parliamentary technique which is rarely used to halt the implementation of the Statutory Instrument, otherwise known as a prayer. It has to be activated within 40 days of the tabling of the Statutory Instrument.In order to have a chance of overturning the Statutory Instrument, the clerk must receive a large number of submissions, then action may be taken to stop the implementation.You must send an email to the clerk – Work & Pensions Committee: workpencom@parliament.ukYou may use the following text:Dear Madam,Please convey the following message immediately to the Committee.To members of the Select Committee for Work & Pension.It is urged that a ‘prayer’ an EDM as follows is laid before parliament before the 24th January (40 days after the SI was laid)Early Day Motion (prayer) Winter Fuel Payment to British Citizens in EU countries.The Statutory Instrument 2014 No. 3270 (laid before PARLIAMENT on the 15th December 2014 restricting payment to pensioners residing in countries incorrectly called by the DWP ‘hot’ of the EU should be annulled.After the General Election, the matter may then be appropriately reconsidered by the new Parliament.1. It discriminates against certain groups of British Citizen pensioners residing in certain States of the EU, some of whom are already in financial difficulties.2. This SI almost certainly contravenes the UK treaty agreement with the EU on social security co-ordination.RegardsPut your name here i.e. Joe Bloggs I have sent an e-mail as above, whether it will work I do not know!

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Just got this from the Connexion re winter fuel payment to ex-pats. http://www.connexionfrance.com/EU-Commission-Winter-Fuel-Payment-16688-view-article.html  

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I have arrived safely in burgundy and am now sat in a friends bar in the beautiful village of quarre les tombes in the morvan national park,before going off to my favourite lake in france to enjoy some walking,swimming (yep,did say swimming), and some nice chilling out in stunning surroundings. It was lovely spending all winter in brittany for once,though as lovely as it was,I must admit that my feet were getting itchy. Whether I am addicted to travel or I need to change my socks can be left open to debate!! I have got a couple of weeks to enjoy the area before I get stuck into my springtime jobs here,so will for a change,have a bit of a holiday!!! I will be back in Brittany some time in early june and shall probably have a couple of the summer months with you and I look forward to seeing you all then. My appologies to anyone who I did not have time to visit or to say goodbye to before I left. I have still got the adresses or anyone who wants free kindling for next winter and for those of you who want me to look at your dry stone walls,and will be in touch when I get back. I hope that you all have a lovely springtime and look forward to seeing you soon. A bientot ( see you soon ) Love and light Jamie xx

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I have just returned to the UK and tried to get motor insurance.  Beware all the insurance companies I have tried will not accept the French no-claim bonus.  They want it to be on letterheaded paper, in English and showing the number of years no-claim.  AXA, who I was with, says the French system does not give number of years, just percentage and also it is in French.  They argue (quite rightly) when they receive it from an English insurer it is in English and they have to translate, why can't the English company do the same.  Has anyone else had this problem and how did they overcome it?   Bojo

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HI had lunch today with some UK friends, we all knew of people who had returned to UK. We often hear of this but rarely hear how those people get on living in UK after France. Is it a case of the grass looking greener ?

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Hi, Well after speaking to my MP .. yes you can still have an MP .. even if he or she lives in the UK .. I have had a letter back from the "pension people" .. They say that the stopping of the Winter Payment is going ahead .. they cannot "divide" France up .. area by area .. Daft as it may be, that means all of France is included .. it is like saying all those who wear "hoodies" are bad people ..  Well I did my bit .. and I am sure a lot of those of you, who are reading this, have as well .. The only other thing I can say is that, "the pension people" should have allowed for a individual case review .. depending on where you live ..  I suppose that would be to much work for them .. Rgds Chris

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Can anyone recommend a French speaking window cleaner in the Morcambe area please?

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Does anyone know of a good reliable mobile wi-fi network around Norwich?

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I just saw on BBC Breakfast that expat pensioners are claiming winter fuel allowances , I'm flabbergasted ! What rights do people think they have after leaving the UK to ask for a Sub for their heating abroad ? I know we have Dole cheats living here but never even considered that people would still demand the winter fuel moneys . Its just think its so wrong ..  If you decided to move you pay your bills ..

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hi anyone interested in returning to the UK? To the South west/mid Wales area as in Camarthenshire/Ceredigion? Please contact me, thanks, Ronan

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I am just wondering whether these terms have been entered into the english dictionary as common terms.  I am sick to death of news readers, panelists and such, obvious intellects and proficient Eton educated speakers,  politicians, whose every third word is uum or err. Every time you switch on the tv to hear the news, you hear this stammering of speech. I thought that mostly they read from prompt screens, so do the prompt screens have these utterances strategically placed? It is an affront to the english language!!

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