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Seeking a three bedroomed house with car parking facilities on the outskirts of Telford. England. , four children. Already attending school, college ect;. Non smokers, good living, talented father seeking permanent employment, musicien, boat builder, fencer ect. Many talents.  

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I recently wrote to my MP requesting an expanation to the withdrawal of the heating allowance in France. I attach the reply here and urge everyone to write to their own MP's. If enough of us write theatening to vote an alternative way we might get a better answer.   Thank you for your email – Stephen has asked me to reply on his behalf.   The purpose of Winter Fuel Payments is to provide reassurance that people can keep warm during periods of cold weather. As you are aware, changes are being made to the eligibility criteria for Winter Fuel Payments to ensure public money is better targeted on those who live in EEA countries with a cold climate.  The Government has worked closely with the Met Office to determine the average winter temperature in EEA countries and from winter 2015/16, Winter Fuel Payments will no longer be payable to individuals in EEA countries which have an average winter temperature higher than the UK. These averages include the relevant overseas territories for that country.  Stephen believes that these are important changes which will re-focus the benefit on its original purpose and avoid a situation where the Government will be paying 115,000 people in warmer countries a Winter Fuel Payment by 2015. Whilst he appreciates that you will disagree, he hopes this helps explain the reasoning behind these difficult decisions. 

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Good evening fellow AngloInfoers. I wonder what you all think about the recent stories on the internet of people lacing sausages with nails and leaving them in UK parks for pet dogs to find when they are being walked by their owners. Can people really be sick enough to actually be doing this or is it just a scare story?

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Jobless Brits abroad could be sent home under plans to reform EU welfare rules: 30,000 UK citizens face being deported in exchange for 65,000 immigrants on British benefits cant ever see this happening, but im sure a lot of us brits here would love this to happen, esp if they bought our houses from us first at market value.

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cowards they dont want to offend they will not show front page charlie hebdo

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The NHS in England has just, yes just, decided that it will not refer men for conversion therapy.  I find it quite unbelievable that the NHS ever wasted its money on this when surely the money could have been better used for the many people who call on the NHS for their health care. Look here..  http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2015/01/19/nhs-england-agrees-to-stop-referring-people-to-gay-cure-therapy/ Does anyone know if this "treatment" is available in France on the National Healthcare Scheme. I really am disgusted that in the 21st century anyone can actually believe that this sort of thing works or is appropriate. 

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If you are self employed in France , including auto-entrepeneur ,and don't have the required 35 years for a full state UK pension, or in fact any shortfall, you can apply to pay UK voluntary self employed NI contributions. These cost £2.75 per week, compared with £13.90 for standard voluntary contributions. Great value if you qualify. You need to have been employed or self employed before leaving the UK. Contact the NI overseas branch for a form. This is a short simple form. My wife has just completed the process and will be paying by monthly direct debit. CANT RECOMMEND THIS TOO HIGHLY TO IMPROVE YOUR FUTURE PENSION.

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There is a government paper heading through Parliament to withdraw payment of this to all of us in France - a so called hot country.  There is a petition which needs many more signatures which might just reverse this Work & Pensions (Iain Duncan Smith) crusade to save a small amount of money from us expat pensioners. http://rivoice.net/petitions/expats-to-lose-winter-fuel-allowance-in-spain-and-other-european-countries.html more info from -http://www.connexionfrance.com/Winter-fuel-payment-expats-Roger-Gale-prayer-16549-view-article.html The key element is that France has been designated a hot country including temperature statistics from Caribbean and other (really) hot French overseas departments. These, through EU law are different from France's 96 departments (mainland and Corsica). Please sign the on-line petition. Many Thanks, Alan & Tina Bennett

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Hi, seen on DORDOGNE A.I. site Just seen this on a Spanish ex pats site. We have been sent a possible loophole in the Statutory Instrument, the piece of legislation that the British Government has used to take away the Winter Fuel Payment.There is a parliamentary technique which is rarely used to halt the implementation of the Statutory Instrument, otherwise known as a prayer. It has to be activated within 40 days of the tabling of the Statutory Instrument.In order to have a chance of overturning the Statutory Instrument, the clerk must receive a large number of submissions, then action may be taken to stop the implementation.You must send an email to the clerk – Work & Pensions Committee: workpencom@parliament.ukYou may use the following text:Dear Madam,Please convey the following message immediately to the Committee.To members of the Select Committee for Work & Pension.It is urged that a ‘prayer’ an EDM as follows is laid before parliament before the 24th January (40 days after the SI was laid)Early Day Motion (prayer) Winter Fuel Payment to British Citizens in EU countries.The Statutory Instrument 2014 No. 3270 (laid before PARLIAMENT on the 15th December 2014 restricting payment to pensioners residing in countries incorrectly called by the DWP ‘hot’ of the EU should be annulled.After the General Election, the matter may then be appropriately reconsidered by the new Parliament.1. It discriminates against certain groups of British Citizen pensioners residing in certain States of the EU, some of whom are already in financial difficulties.2. This SI almost certainly contravenes the UK treaty agreement with the EU on social security co-ordination.RegardsPut your name here i.e. Joe Bloggs Could be worth a go if the gen is correct!!  or are we grasping at straws?   

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Not sure if this has been on Anglo Info before but as it is the last day I am adding a reminder anyway   Graham Allen ‏@GrahamAllenMP  2h2 hours ago Almost 3000 people have had their say on a #UKConstitution Today is your last chance to join in the debate: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G6X88ZF 

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As title says !

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Hello I am enquiring on behalf of two UK pensioners who are French residents. Usual reciprocal healthcare cover and top up insurance in place. They are considering moving to Spain and weighing up whether to move permanently or split time between the UK and Spain. As ex pats, would they qualify for the same reciprocal healthcare (with top up obviously) if they are resident full time?  

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Is there anybody out there with a property in the torbay south hams area to rent .two bed house or flat ,can move in as soon as possible 

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Well I see that the UK Government have finally done it and after this year no more winter fuel allowance as we live in such a warm country!!!! For me, I've never received it so probably won't miss it even though I paid into the system for forty years before moving out here. I do however fell sorry for those others who use it as part of their means of paying for a little bit of heat through the winter. What will be the next area that our so called Expat Government will target.....the personal tax allowance no doubt????? Happy Christmas everyone. Julieray 

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Make your wishes known-you never know, it might seep down to the brain-dead idiots who are trying to save a few bob at our expense. My personal view of the situation is just that Ian Duncan-Smith is trying to make a name for himself as a hatchet-man. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/73297 NB -This post is not an invitation to discuss the rights and wrongs of the winter fuel allowance, if you want to do that (yet again) I suggest that those who do want to do that start another thread.

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If you want to sign the epetition to look at the withdrawal of ex-Pats winter fuel allowance, the address is https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/73297/signature/new

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Well well well...the honeymoon is over and maybe a divorce is on the way for Roberto Martinez. Such a promising first year in charge but another defeat at Hull todays see's Everton in freefall and plummeting down the Premier league. Such are the trials and tribulations of being an Everton fan. After the last defeat i promised myself no never again, dont watch dont listen but as usual today I sat down at the PC and put myself through it all over again with undeserved optomism and now Im in the depths of despir. Three games at Christmas and three defeats. Someone please pass me my prozac! Happy new year all football fans and come on toffee's pull ya fingers out! Chrissy - bluenose at Ploerdut 56160

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Sad news of the passing of Joe Cocker. He was a legend, will be sadly missed by music lovers world wide. On a happier tone, Merry Christmas to you all! Kind regards, early birds.

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My pension has not yet arrived now overdue,, contrast with Irish pension arrived a week early to help with Christmas and included 100 euros christmas present. Nuff said

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With the next General Election in the UK likely to be the most crucial for many years particularly for Expats living in EU Countries it is timely that MPs will debate the issue of votes for expats on 2nd December. If you have lived outside of the UK for more than 15 years you lose your right to vote in a UK General Election and despite the fact that Pensions and other incomes come from the UK you have no say.  You cannot register for a vote in France unless you become a French National. Most EU countries including France give expats the right to vote. So lobby your MP now and get a say in your future. http://www.cyprusexpat.co.uk/blog/read/id:5530/british-expats-demand-15-year-voting-time-limit-removed

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