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Please could anyone inform me if a War Disability Pension is Social Security Benefit and if so any chance of giving me a referance for me to file away for a rainy day. Thank you

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What are the thoughts of UK tax payers on the proposed v expensive tunnel under Stonehenge? Being lucky enough (to be old enough), to have walked amongst the stones, it seems to me an expensive ploy to make the next generation have to pay to view their heritage, at least from the road, and!!!      why did they choose to build it so close to a busy road???

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hello i am looking for someone who have a place to rent in area of portsmouth ,brighton,hasting...if nothing manchester will do as well just different!!i am french i spent 24y in london came back to brittany 5y ago but find it difficult with french mentality so i want to go back to uk somewhere more quiet than london but not too quiet,i have a child and find it difficult to go back there with no where to stay for a start,if someone can help i will be very happy!!thank you 

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The European Court of Human Rights has ordered France to pay compensation to Somali pirates because they were held for 48 hours too long before being charged ! The Court accepts France was right / correct in arresting them etc but has ordered them to be compensated thousands of Euros because of the delay - I wish I could say ' words fail me ' but the words that spring to mind cannot be printed !!!!

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Any of you here who is still eligible to vote might want to go online and get it done ready for next year's election.  New, simplified process but the unfair 15 year rule is still in place.  Campaigning continues!!! https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

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Hi. We're looking for an English style B&B around Caen any suggestions please. We are travelling back from Calais to Brittany and would like to break the journey. Don't want chain hotels, a friendly B&B would be nice. Thank you. 

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Those Anglo Infoers of old probably remember Sammy Golden. She eventually sold her lovely home and moved to Boston Lincs. How are you Sammy ?   Hope all is going well for you and your daughter in Australia.

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The article below shows thousands of ex-pat Romanian citizens across Europe  queuing to vote in their home country's Presidential Election.  No comparison to the numbers of UK ex-pats who have actually registered to vote worldwide. Approximately only 20,000  are registered to vote from a possible 5.5 million UK ex-pats living overseas ( about 350,000 living in France ).   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2836772/Thousands-Romanian-immigrants-queue-block-Portsmouth-vote-country-s-presidential-election.html  

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i just ordered sky tv and got 50% off for a whole year!   just had to tell you all, i was shocked as it is christmas time!

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I have just read about the new imprisionment procedure about to be placed for Internet trolls.... (Those whose only intention is to cause annoyance to all decent internet users). Personally I do not feel that 2 years imprisonment for their cowardly behaviour is the answer but to place them on a 'list' where they are not allowed access to any form of internet for a certain period of time depending on their unacceptable behaviour. Unfortunately they are everywhere as it is a form of cowardly bullying and until now they thought they could get away with it,, Has anybody else felt intimidated by such behaviour in any way and what do you feel the real answer is in dealing with them? I am sure that with so many social networking sites, forums etc, the trolls (faceless bullies) have reared their ugly head at some point. This is not a post for aggressive responses but to eliminate those concerned from our lives & how you feel they should be dealt with... PLEASE no names mentioned as that is not the purpose.   It may help others so your responses are valued. We all deserve to use what Technology has given us without the minority abusing it.... Thank you for your responses    

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Hi all. (I hope this doesn't get pushed into non-local, as no-one will see it!) An ex-student of mine is going for a mini-break to London in a couple of weeks, and she's asked me if I know of any budget accommodation. As I don't know London at all, and haven't lived in the UK for ages, I wonder if anyone has any advice. Thanks in advance.

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My wife and I saw the wonderful 'field' of ceramic poppies around the Tower of London on TV and as the feature said that as you could buy one/several, we enquired as we wanted to buy 2 for ourselves. They are on sale for £25 + p&p so we thought, 'ok, £50 to the British Legion, that's great'. Not so. According to the various websites, including the official one, approx 10% from each purchase plus all net profits will go to 6 (SIX) charities!! It works out that approx £8.00 from each sale will go to British Legion/charities - Paul Cummins, the designer and 'et al' will actually earn MILLIONS from this sale!!! As Queenie/ Harry/ William were happy to pose amongst them, I wonder if they have been told how much will actually benefit the British Legion and everyone they support? I think it's absolutely scandelous for third parties to make millions selling these - for god's sake, surely all of the proceeds should have gone to the good causes - without the soldiers who gave their lives, these 'gold-diggers' wouldn't have even been here! We didn't order two poppies, we just made sure that the appropriate charity got what they deserve and my wife, who is in England for another week, will bring back our personal poppies - it's a real shame as the ceramic ones would have looked lovely in a fitting vase with us knowing that the proceeds had gone where they should have. Anyone else bought one......?

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Just received an email regaring the new AngloInfo Property section.  Great idea.  Went to advertise our house in UK but only London is listed as a region!!!  Has the rest of the UK disappeared?  

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With the increase in the number of people ' fleeing ' Africa / other troubled areas - should we be worried about this terrible ' plague ' spreading ? ( seems now a case in Spain - which shows how easily it can spread / be spread )

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Just read a good essay. http://www.vagazette.com/news/va-vg-edit-essay-shafer-20141017,0,3435413.story

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The wife and I recently went on a guided walking tour in Prague. Every time we came to a pedestrian crossing there was a audible signal as well as the usual red, green, amber.  I asked the guide about this, she said it was to help blind people. Well I don't what your readers think but I don't think they should be letting blind people drive. JohnE

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HI in july this year we were dismasted , the insurers to date have not paid out regardless of agreeing a settlement figure in late august . below is a copy of their latest correspondence   Dear  Just a very brief note following our correspondence on Wednesday, underwriters are still awaiting funds and we have diarised to chase again on Monday.  I will keep you updated as soon as possible. Kind regards. L PM me for the company name so that you can avoid them

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Hi we are thinking of going to Benirdorm in January for 1 month,we would like to know if anybody has 1 bedroom apartments they could recommend to us preferably in the flat part with plenty of shops and bars close  byand also parking for car.   Thanking you in advance Dot 

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I would like to travel from St Jean d'Angely in 17 down to Naples in Italy by train.  I would prefer not to travel via Paris.  I have found that you can travel by train from Clermont Ferrand via Lyon to Naples, but can't find a way of connecting from anywhere near St Jean d'Angely without going via Paris.  Help please. Thanks.

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Well, I have just watched 'Benefits Brits by the Sea', followed by a few minutes of 'Road Rage Britain'. I thanked my lucky stars that I now live in Brittany!    

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