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Hi, I'm looking for a vet who will issue a French/EU pet passport to someone with a permanent holiday home in France? Some will, some won't, looking for a vet within one hour of Vannes please. Any advice appreciated.

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Hi has anybody who has recently got a French pet passport, registered with the I-con as requested? I have sent the relevant paperwork off, and am waiting for the registration certificate to come back. However I have read that when it arrives it will contain a temporary password to log onto their site with , and not until this is done are you registered? Im returning to the UK on Saturday?

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anyone  know  what the  current  retrictions  are  re  Bird  Fllu  ?   do the  birdss  have  to  stay in  or not   can't  find  anything  specific  to  Brittany

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Hi I’m looking to relocate from Charente France to near Huelgoat Brittany in the next 6 months and would like to meet/speak to likeminded Horse loving people within the Huelgoat area about all that’s available locally for horse care and riding in the area

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a question please for the expats living in France with pets, if you take your pet to UK, and your pet is registered in France am I right in saying that to return to France you use your (old) EU passport and don't require a Animal Health Certificate (AHC) which is required for UK registered pets 

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Hello, I am in southern Morbihan. Can anyone advise where I can get raw dog food? I know it is sometimes sold in supermarkets but is very expensive and stocks are a bit hit and miss. Any information welcome.

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I have a friend who has just moved to Brittany (Langast 22150) and has inherited a pond with around 20 Koi Carp, ranging up to 40cm long.  He has no knowledge of carp or filtering the water (which is very green) and he doesn't really want to keep the carp. He just feeds them.Ideally he'd like to sell them, but doesn't know where the best to start would be or their value and he doesn't speak French.Anybody interested, please let us know.

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Hi,Looking for another place for our cockrell.  I have fallen out with him completely and he is aggressive towards me.  He is not aggresive with my male partner though.  He knows I am scared of him so I dare not enter where he lives, not even to put in his favourite treats.  He would prefer to go for me than the treats.  That's how much he hates me.  I have done lots of searching on how to make friends but I think it is too late now for me.   Please could someone take him away for us?  We have had him since an egg last year and he is quite handsome and takes his job looking after the girls very seriously.

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Hi i have just moved to Gouarec Brittany and have been told that there is a chicken processing plant near Carhaix that sells raw frozen meat for dogs- can anyone give me more information on this please?many thanks kate

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My little cat who is pregnant has not come home. I am worried as I know she came back in the night and has really scratched at the door which she has never done before. I've been out calling her all morning. I know it's entirely possible she has gone off to have her kittens. I have been sick with worry about what to do with these kittens when she has them, but that worry is now taken over with her (and their) safety. Has anyone had this experience? If she has done this she might not want to leave them. She is a particularly small cat which makes me more concerned. I would be glad to know if this has happened to any of you, and what I should do - I'll worry about the re-homing if and when I find them!

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Hi, I’m jas. We moved with our cat approximately 10 days ago into a new house and since it had been more then a week we decided to let her out a little bit also because she was pregnant and I think she wants able to give birth because she couldn’t find a good spot. Also she was a stray cat but few moths ago she stared sleeping with me and staying with me all the time. Out of our family she only let me pet me or sleep with. Now that we moved to new house it was the same but only thing was that she seemed bit upset because she couldn’t go out side. She really liked walking around outside the house. So yesterday I let her Go outside and she only went few steps and came back and then again she came and sat infront if the door and she walked around little bit and climbed up the fence and went out neighbour’s , but before doing that she just sat on the fence and looked around and then she looked at me and then jumped. when I went to check where she was she’s wasn’t there. And behind our neighbours house there’s a farm which has perfect spots for her to give birth. It’s roughly been 20 hours seems I saw her last time I have been going to the farm and calling her name while shaking a bag of treats. I’m not sure if she hasn’t come back because she’s giving birth because she had been showing few signs of labour or she’s lost. Can anyone help with this situation?? 

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We have a surplus of good organic large baled hay.  We have offered to donate it free of charge to SOSAD at Gourin who would love to have it for their rescue animals but neither of us have transport.  Is there anyone who could transport it from Plourac'h to Gourin?

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My cat is pregnant and due like now or maybe she had them already.  Allz I know is that I am freaking out worried sick about her and her being all alone delivering her babies and my other female cat has made her feel unsafe here is why she has left to protect her babies. I thought she had another week or two to go and was preparing her room And decided I prefer she stay in my room so I could shut door and have her secure in there with food, water, litter box, and I was a day too late and so now she left and have no idea where she is and I feel so horrible I didn't pay more attention to her meows, figuring she discovered she could meow and get my attention.I don't know what to do, I've already talked to neighbors and posted on sites and walked the woods for  any sign of her and I just sit and wait. It's been 5' days and you'd think if she was hiding she would get hungry and thirsty or maybe too weak to move if she had any complications.  My heart breaks for her she had to go alone to have babies. And feel she does not feel I can provide a safe secure place for her and that she won't be back because of this.Has anyone had this happen and if their cat came back later? Usually cats don't go far and I would think would be around after a couple days after giving birth but 5 days is a long time, it is just weird how they disappear just like that

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Hello to all,A bit new on here at the moment so here we go..... i am posting this message for an English setter needing to be re homed. His owner has no longer the good health to take care of him and fill out the needs of the dog.He is aged between 5 and 7 years old and is a very lovely dog to have.White with black spots and has his health book. Animal Friendly to all.He was also a dog rescued from a kennel  and is a wounderful friend.Please contact me at 0644961620 for any further questions.Thank you.

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Hello everybody, I am urgently looking for a Leghorn HEN for my rooster! I have only one left and it's very dangerous for her. Can anyone give me some information if you have a  neighbour or friends that have a Leghorn hen? Anywhere in Brittany! Thank you so much 

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pure bred leghorn and maran chicks ready on the 22nd, 1 week old leghorn chicks 4.50€, maran chicks 5€ fertile leghorn eggs available 2€ each area 22 Lanrivain

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Hi   My dogs passport is full. The vet in England wants mealy £100 to issue a new one. I have been told this can be done in France for as little as 20 euro.can anyone thought some light on this for me.all he’s jabs are up to date.keith

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Hi all,We have travelled with Brittany Ferries aboard the Bretagne with dogs many times, usually putting them in the kennels and going down to exercise them during the journey, escorted by staff. This last trip, we decided to leave our dog in our car, which is also an option, because we felt he would be more comfortable there. When we went down to visit him in the evening, we were told that he could not set foot out of the car because of health and safety concerns. I am sure that I have seen people with dogs travelling in cars on previous trip walking their dogs around the car deck during a visit. I was not happy, but we complied. This meant that our dog had a very long time without a toilet break - he coped, but I can’t imagine this would be the case for other dogs. When we arrived I wrote to Brittany Ferries to ask about what seemed to me like a new policy. They said it has always been the case that dogs travelling in cars must stay in the car the entire time. Maybe so, but the enforcement has not been consistent if that is the case. They assured me that they do everything in accordance with DEFRA etc etc and would never do anything to endanger a dog’s health. I think that a 12 hour stretch without a toilet break cannot be a good idea for dogs. I would be interested to know what other owners think. For me, I will always put the dog in the kennels now to avoid this situation, but this is not an option for some people whose dogs are rescues and cannot stand being in kennels. At the very least I would like to help raise awareness of this policy so people understand what the situation is, as my hopes of getting them to change it any time soon are not high.

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Hi i have just moved to Gouarec Brittany and have been told that there is a chicken processing plant near Carhaix that sells raw frozen meat for dogs- can anyone give me more information on this please?many thanks kate

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Hi   My dogs passport is full. The vet in England wants mealy £100 to issue a new one. I have been told this can be done in France for as little as 20 euro.can anyone thought some light on this for me.all he’s jabs are up to date.keith

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