Leghorn and maran chicks

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pure bred leghorn and maran chicks ready on the 22nd, 1 week old leghorn chicks 4.50€, maran chicks 5€ fertile leghorn eggs available 2€ each area 22 Lanrivain

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Chicks SOLD more leghorns due to hatch on the 25th april

thank you

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more leghorn and maran chicks available from monday 11th may

area 22 Lanrivain

john hadfield 1241983609

Dear Miss Marple,

Where abouts are you exactly? We live near Loudeac, and have tried to find your area via google search without success.

Thank you,


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3 leghorn chicks left, 2 weeks old

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Leghorn chicks still available, now living outside

area 22 Lanrivain

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leghorn chicks available pure bred, 5wks old, good egg layers when grown

area 22 Lanrivain

aly-holt-960198 1588091521

Hello, I know this post is 11 years ago but maybe somebody can help me. I am looking for a Leghorn urgently because my rooster is all alone since the female died yesterday. Can anyone give me information where I can get a chicken for him? Thank you so much for you help and I hope you will read my message. Anywhere in Brittany will be fine 

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