Lost pregnant cat

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My cat is pregnant and due like now or maybe she had them already.  Allz I know is that I am freaking out worried sick about her and her being all alone delivering her babies and my other female cat has made her feel unsafe here is why she has left to protect her babies. I thought she had another week or two to go and was preparing her room And decided I prefer she stay in my room so I could shut door and have her secure in there with food, water, litter box, and I was a day too late and so now she left and have no idea where she is and I feel so horrible I didn't pay more attention to her meows, figuring she discovered she could meow and get my attention.I don't know what to do, I've already talked to neighbors and posted on sites and walked the woods for  any sign of her and I just sit and wait. It's been 5' days and you'd think if she was hiding she would get hungry and thirsty or maybe too weak to move if she had any complications.  My heart breaks for her she had to go alone to have babies. And feel she does not feel I can provide a safe secure place for her and that she won't be back because of this.Has anyone had this happen and if their cat came back later? Usually cats don't go far and I would think would be around after a couple days after giving birth but 5 days is a long time, it is just weird how they disappear just like that

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I hope she comes back soon

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