my pregnant cat has disappeared

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My little cat who is pregnant has not come home. I am worried as I know she came back in the night and has really scratched at the door which she has never done before. I've been out calling her all morning. I know it's entirely possible she has gone off to have her kittens. I have been sick with worry about what to do with these kittens when she has them, but that worry is now taken over with her (and their) safety. Has anyone had this experience? If she has done this she might not want to leave them. She is a particularly small cat which makes me more concerned. I would be glad to know if this has happened to any of you, and what I should do - I'll worry about the re-homing if and when I find them!

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LesnKim-385481 1179753061

We really feel for you, as right at this moment we are going through exactly the same, although our cat is not pregnant. She didn't come in for her dinner last night and we too have looked and called everywhere. She does have a problem with her eye occassionally and will hide for the first 24 hours (but she's not in any of her usual hiding places!) - that 24 hours is almost up. Our other cat is really missing her too. We're keeping everything crossed for our cat and yours, who, as you say, may well have gone and had her kittens somewhere quiet - I'm sure someone else will confirm what they normally do.

Les and Kim

jazzer-388125 1179756157

yes they can seek out a secret spot. I had the experience in the uk with a little stray who hid her batch two gardens up under a greenhouse. She came for food 3 times a day and after 5 weeks brought them in. Cats are very smart. I'm sure she will turn up.


Steve & Emma-387518 1179756541

If she's gone off to hide then instincts may have taken over. It is possible you may not see the kittens till they are 6 weeks old. We have a cat who is not too fond of houses so lives in the barn. when it came time for her to have her kittens she dug a nest in a hedge under a bramble bush away from our property up the road in a quiet place. It took us over a week to find them, we brought them back to the barn and within 4 days she had found another hiding place and moved them! It took us another 4 weeks to locate them again and it was only a chance sighting of a fluffy white head! That time we left them alone and she made a new nest in the garden and moved them again at about 8 weeks. As ours were ginger we had no problems re homing.

Our cat has given birth again in the last 2 weeks, she returned after 24hrs and then we didn't see her for a week, since then she has been coming every day to be fed. Try as we might she is too clever for us to follow her, so no idea how the kittens are doing. If she bring us the kittens then we will deal with them, but she is going to the vet this summer she came on heat very quickly this spring and caught us out, I really don't want kittens every year!

If she has given birth the first time she comes back she may only stay long enough to eat, be ready to dash out after her if you want to find the kittens. Emma

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cracker-397481 1179757536

Thank you all for your replies. I am checking outside every fifteen minutes! Still no sign. Now I'm worried that I won't be able to follow her and find them (to bring them in). If some of you have the same and your cats dash off is it because they are nervy, or quite outdoorsy types anyway?? Mine is a very affectionate cat. I can't imagine her not letting me follow her. She usually comes for a walk with me and the dogs. Maybe motherhood will make her more suspicious? The waiting and worrying is so awful...

SAYAS 1179758287

Don't worry. I have had cats for many years and raising a litter of kittens is easier than you think. Your cat was scratching at the door because she was in labour this is normal and she has not returned to your calls as she has found a safe little hiding somewhere to have her babies. The only thing you can do is call her at lunch time and again at tea time to see if she comes for something to eat which she will do as after her initial rest from the birth she will be hungry and she now has her little ones to feed. But she will not leave them for long. When she does, be discrete and follow her. This will take a lot of patience and pretending to ignore her as you follow from a safe distance. I have done this my self and found our kittens in a neighbours shed behind a wood pile and had 4 beautiful kittens to take home. When you put the kittens in a box to return to your house wear plastic gloves as you don't want to leave yours body smell on these kittens just yet. This is to stop mum rejecting them, you'll find that mum will follow you or jump in the box to immediately. Once you have them all safe at home put a dirt tray down and keep mum in doors for about a week this will stop her from moving them away from the house again. Just make sure you put the box in a calm place in your house. If you need any more advice I shall be pleased to help. But don't worry mum cat will do all the looking after of these little ones for a while with out you doing a thing. Just sit back and watch them it's great.


dreamer-389248 1179764532

I would leave her to it and not worry.......she'll come back when she's hungry but she won't starve herself.

cracker-397481 1179824524

What a relief! She came back this morning and showed us where her kittens were. Just outside the house under a bush.! She had made a very cosy nest which was bone dry despite all the rain we have had. They are gorgeous and two are very unusually marked: but all like her, ginger and white and long haired, and thank goodness only four to contend with. I have transferred them to a box with torn up newspaper in and she is happy. There was such a greeting with her and the dogs but it's quite funny, our other cat who she loves is striding about apparently the only one who isn't impressed! I feel really proud of her. To have gone through it alone. She is such a tiny cat. She is so proud of them too.
Now I can breathe!...

Layla-395409 1179826207

Great news cracker. I am not a cat person but I remember my friend telling me that the other cat in the house would try to steal a kitten and run off and hide it. Maybe a maternal thing I don't know. But worth keeping an eye.

SAYAS 1179831697

Cracker I'm really pleased everything is fine. She just needed to have a long rest after giving birth. It is normal for your other cat to ignore her as it can smell and sense something different about her. Give it time when the kittens are moving around more your other cat will want to join in the fun. You sound very excited, well done your cat and congratulations.


cracker-397481 1179834455

Thank you everyone. They are lovely. She is feeling fine now. The other cat and her have done the 'touch noses' thing, said a proper hello and she let him look in the box at her kittens. He had the 'yeah, not bad' kind of response and sauntered off. Everyone is back to normal ! I'll advertise them in a few weeks when I see which ones are boys and girls - obviously not all gingers are boys!

ellihub-386376 1179844822

Lovely result Cracker!! We really felt for you at the start of your ordeal - could relate as we have 2 ginger sisters! Both have been to see the nice vet, however, so we should never have your worrying experience. Hope all is back to harmonious normal!

Dave & Ellie
Kidderminster 'til June then Jugon les Lacs

Alison35-385907 1179956538

Briliant news! So pleased for you all and 'cat'

Alison ~Département 35~

marti-zijl-974427 1603090324

Hello! I know this was literally 13 years ago, but I just wanted to say reading this post and the replies was so harm warming!! I'm so happy knowing that there are cat lovers out there along side myself who will do anything to protect our fur babies. <3

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