Travelling with dog in car on ferry between St. Malo and Portsmouth

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Hi all,We have travelled with Brittany Ferries aboard the Bretagne with dogs many times, usually putting them in the kennels and going down to exercise them during the journey, escorted by staff. This last trip, we decided to leave our dog in our car, which is also an option, because we felt he would be more comfortable there. When we went down to visit him in the evening, we were told that he could not set foot out of the car because of health and safety concerns. I am sure that I have seen people with dogs travelling in cars on previous trip walking their dogs around the car deck during a visit. I was not happy, but we complied. This meant that our dog had a very long time without a toilet break - he coped, but I can’t imagine this would be the case for other dogs. When we arrived I wrote to Brittany Ferries to ask about what seemed to me like a new policy. They said it has always been the case that dogs travelling in cars must stay in the car the entire time. Maybe so, but the enforcement has not been consistent if that is the case. They assured me that they do everything in accordance with DEFRA etc etc and would never do anything to endanger a dog’s health. I think that a 12 hour stretch without a toilet break cannot be a good idea for dogs. I would be interested to know what other owners think. For me, I will always put the dog in the kennels now to avoid this situation, but this is not an option for some people whose dogs are rescues and cannot stand being in kennels. At the very least I would like to help raise awareness of this policy so people understand what the situation is, as my hopes of getting them to change it any time soon are not high.

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