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Could anyone tell me the closest cat rescue centre near to Plouguenast, a small black & white cat as been abandoned.

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I am looking for someone to care for my wonderful 4 year old Great Dane for odd weeks in the year. Must be looked after in your own home as wouldn't consider kennels.  He is very easy going and a joy to look after.  Good with children and other dogs. Don't know about cats though.  I live near Guingamp/Bourbriac

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Hi looking for driver to help with the tranport of a rabbit in about six weeks time travelling poole st malo with condor ferries  thanks :-)

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Hi looking for driver to help with the tranport of a rabbit in about six weeks time travelling poole st malo with condor ferries  thanks :-)

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My KC registered Parson Russell Bitch is about to come into season. I am looking for suitable smooth coated dog. Please give me pedigree details , fee and area.

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Hi - Once again I find myself in need of a farrier in area 35, between Avranches and Fougeres.  My long-term regular farrier retired suddenly last year, and I have been unable to find a permanent replacement.  I managed to throw myself on the mercy of someone for an emergency trim recently as I had been without a visit for 5 months and things got serious, but, like everyone else I have contacted, he says I am too far away for him to come regularly.  I have tried my local vet in St. James.  The first name they gave me was for someone who was no longer practising as a farrier.  I went back today and they only had one more suggestion which was for someone in Combourg, who is too far away.  Does anyone out there know of someone please?  Many thanks. 

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Just discovered this website - has anyone used it?https://www.housesitmatch.com/Any comments, positive or negative, will be greatly appreciated!

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Belgian Shepherd bitch - Malinois, 5 years old, called Hawaii, disappeared around 6pm, 16/01/2017 from Quelneuc Loyat. Please contact urgently if you have seen her.

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We were followed tonight by this young dog on the Rigole d'hilvern Merleac. He has a chain collar but no contact details. He is in our barn overnight if you have lost him or know of anyone who has lost him. We will take him to the vet in Uzel in the morning to scan for a microchip and owner. We walk the route regularly and haven't seen this dog before. He may have come some distance. The vet has our number to contact if the owner rings them. PM if you know the owner.

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I'm looking for an area such as a tennis court to use during the winter for a disabled person (electric wheelchair) to train her dogs.  The weather is not allowing the wheelchair to be used, and she is stuck inside. Ideally a tennis court, or some area which is hard enough ground to allow a wheelchair.  This is only for winter use, so if there is someone who perhaps has a holiday home with a tennis court and doesn't use it in winter it would be ideal. If you can help, please can you email me.  Thank youEvran area but can travel a bit.

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Someone has dumped a lovely young cat in our hamlet, unfortunately we can't keep it as we have a very lively Boxers. Does anybody know of a cat rescue  center in our area 22230 or St Meen la Grand is our nearest town.  Thanks

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Hi,My neighbours, a very elderly English couple, have both been admitted to hospital, leaving at home a dog and cat. I don’t know how long they will be away, or even if they will come back home at all. I am feeding the pets, but can’t have them in my home because of my pets, so they need a temporary home urgently.The Mairie and local vet both say SPA, but I wondered if any one on AI Britanny has any experience or advice as the best place to go.We are at Merdrignac. The dog is a 5 year old doberman, friendly with people, though very timid with strangers. She has shared her home with other dogs in the past.Any info or experience would help.Paul Robinson06 04 16 59 14

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Hi , I'm looking for someone to look after my 12 week old kitten for about 3 weeks from the 10th of December. I think she is too young to be accepted in a boarding kennels. I have to go away and she is too young to get a pet's passport.Can anyone help ? Or suggest something.Thanks in advance.

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Hi,My dog needs to have her annual inoculations and her passport updated.Will appreciate a English speaking Vet as my French is still limited ThanksAngela 

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Has anyone had any experience taking live hens into UK via the ferry.My son is here for a holiday and would like to take some hens back with him.Any information gratefully receive.Thank you!

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