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Greetings. I am looking for a club/association where I can continue my young dog's training and where he can continue with agility  . . . I live close to Pontivy and have been unable to find a club locally. I have tried a couple at some distance and they did not suit at all . . . Has anyone any experience or advice to offer . . At the moment I seem to be just wasting time, money and effort . . . if you can help I would be obliged. Language is not an issue. Thank you, Steve

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Hi.  I'm determined to find a murmuration to watch this year... even if I have to go back to UK  :)     Any birders in Cotes d'armor know of a location nearer, for these fabulous natural spectacles  ??

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Are there any owners of Irish Wolfhounds around the area of Melrand (56) who would be interested in meeting up.  I will having a puppy in November and would love to meet any other owners.

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A French friend has just got a rescue dog, wants to train her but doesn't know where to start.Did I imagine it or is there a training group starting in the Dinan area?  Any information would be most appreciated.Thanks in advance

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Hello.  I have a young friendly dog and would love to walk with others and their dogs sometimes... maybe once a month.   I'm in the Bourbriac area.  Don't mind travelling a bit .....

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Small terrier type dog found in Laniscat dept 22, wearing a red collar, but not microchipped.  I do have photo of the dog, but cannot upload it at present for some reason.

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Hi. First time travelling form U.K. with out my puppy. Can anyone recommend a vet in Carhaix and one who preferably speaks better English than my French. Also any one know where I can buy frozen raw dog food ? Thanks

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Looking for someone to look after my 5 year old Jack Russel for max 3 days from 19th October ( next weekend ) Merdrignac area. Very well behaved social dog. I'm happy to reciprocate or pay. Also open to recommendations of boarding kennels. Thanks in advance.Christine.

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Hi I have a lovely adult 8yr old female papillon (toy spaniel) looking for & free to a forever home due to personal circumstances . She is in perfect health & never had any health issues in the past.I also have her younger brown & white daughter available.They are both pure bred but not French registered (so Non LOF)She is black & white, very pretty, loves people & kids and is well trained.Microchip 250269400137628Please email for more info & photos

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Hi,There is a little tiny White and Ginger Kitten wondering around le Gourdillon - Uzel, it doesn't belong to anyone but is feral, if anyone help, I'd really appreciate it, we had to come back on the boat so was not able to take it in.If you want more information please ask.

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Who can answer this if Defra or my Vet can't?  I have paid for my dog to have its passport updated each year.  Rabies jab done every year.  I live in the UK, want to holiday in France with my dog for say 2-3 weeks each year.  Please could anyone clarify if a yearly rabies is necassary.  I know it seems strange to ask but I am so confused.  Even my vet this morning said "find out from France"!  Don't want to overdose my dog and also have the expense if it is not necassary.  Defra say there is a two and three year vacination but still unclear.  The radies on the passport expires March....but this may be just my vet expecting my visit each year. Thank you.  

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Hi, we have a year old rescue dog that would benefit from obedience training. We're in the Collinee area of Cote d'Armor and wondered if anyone knows of any trainers in the area. 

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Eric will be arriving in Brittany from the 7th Oct till the 10th Oct. please contact Glynis on 0233917805 if you would like a visit.

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We've just lost our much loved 16 year old cat and are looking to adopt a kitten or young cat.We live in Jersey but spend 10 weeks a year in France, near Dinan.  Our cat used to holiday with us, together with our 2 kids and dog.Has anyone got any tips on finding a kitten?  We are not worried about looks, just want a healthy, very friendly, cuddly cat.  Our old cat was a Tonkinese, a very loud and loving siamese type.We asked the French vet on our last trip about the practicalities of a pet passport, apparently it takes 3 weeks after the injections.  Does anyone know of a cattery or similar near St Malo/Dinan?Thanks in advance for your help.Julie

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Open to individuals and small businesses, only € 2 per stall [MUST be booked and paid for in advance] in aid   L 214 animal charity.  Two  equestrian demonstrations during the day, and refreshments available.Venue 22160 St Servais  Request the program for more details.  Email: jeanne22160@orange.frSecond   attempt at trying to get this published!

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Morning we have guests staying with us who will need to take their 2 dogs to a local vet before returning to the UK.  Can anyone recommend one please, does not need to speak English.  Thank you

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available for goats and pigs near Mur de Bretagne, free but you to supervise

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I have just witnessed one of my neighbours using such cruelty towards his basset hound, I am still shocked!   Does anyone know if there is someone at the SPA who speaks English, as although I can speak French I don't think my French is good enough to be understood properly!  I just feel I have to try to do something, as well as being cruelly treated, the dog is left shut in a garage for days on end!  Thanks in advance!

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