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I have just witnessed one of my neighbours using such cruelty towards his basset hound, I am still shocked!   Does anyone know if there is someone at the SPA who speaks English, as although I can speak French I don't think my French is good enough to be understood properly!  I just feel I have to try to do something, as well as being cruelly treated, the dog is left shut in a garage for days on end!  Thanks in advance!

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Around midnight on Friday 14 July a small, male Beagle was found running on the road near our house in Trémorel (22230) It was too late to search for his owners then, so we took him in for the night. Next morning we took him to the vets - he wasn't wearing a collar and has no identification. We drove him around the various hamlets nearby but no one recognised him. We've contacted 4 local mairies (St Launeuc, Ereac, Lanrelas & Trémorel) 3 local vets, camping/holiday villages, you name it... I searched chien perdu sites and announcements and his photo is on Pet Alert/Chien Trouvé sites and there is now an announcement in the local paper.It has to be said he is a quiet, gentle, little chap (sitting at my feet as I type this) He learns very quickly, comes back when called. He's great with our dogs and cats, an excellent traveller in the car and has more likely been someone's pet, rather than a hunting dog (although he has little scars around his muzzle - so he may have lived with other dogs) He cannot stay with us indefinitely and, to be honest, I've had enough of so-called friends who, instead of helping, have had nothing more constructive to offer than telling me to keep him.So, what next? If the mairie contacts the chenil service for us next week, will he be euthanised? Is there a Beagle Rescue organisation here in France? One of our rescues is from Sosad, I know how full that refuge is.  Are there others (perhaps private rescues or individuals) who would be willing to give the little chap a chance at either finding his original or a new owner? 

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We have an aggressive german shepherd that we rescued from SPA. We have had professional training  and he is a lot better. But cannot trust him 100%We can do anything with him, but strangers are an issue. We need to travel without him but will need a kennel that can handle him, any suggestions please? near Pontivy ;  Mur de Bretagne or Rostrenen. other areas considered.

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Hi, we are interested in taking up beekeeping. Does anyone have any contacts in 35 where we could learn ?

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Hi folks, wondered if anyone knew of a reliable animal transporter to take my goats to the UK.  Need someone who is used to goats and has the required vehicle etc.  Most grateful of any information......many thanks

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Husky dog found in commune of Plougras. Dog is chipped and the vet has said the owners are English from Scrignac . Anyone looking for a missing husky?ring after 5.30 on 0296385731

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A young bird of prey has been found, can anyone suggest who and where it could to taken to to be looked after? I have been told that there is somewhere in Brittany where they could be taken to, so any info would help 

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Hi, We are interested in taking up beekeeping. Does anyone know of an association in 35 that could teach us ?

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I wonder if any body remembers a westie (I believe) dog that went missing (believed stolen) from the lake at Mael Carhaix - probably some 10 years ago or so and may have been called Megan?  I seem to remember there was a lot about it on this site - but the posts have now all disappeared.  I wonder if anybody has any contact with the owner who was frantic at the time?...xxx

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We have found a tiny duckling wandering around our garden. No sign of the mother all day and we are not near any water. He is now in our bathroom to keep him safe. Is there anyone out there who knows how to care for him and would like to take on an orphan duckling?! We are just outside Laniscat. Region 22

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I need a dog loving person to sit for my dogs for 6 days, to live in my house in Ploerdut and walk my two terriers twice a day. It's the 10th July to the 16th. Any takers? 

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Mimi is a very affectionate female cat, 1 years old, who was a stray until recently. I am her foster mom, and she is vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped: 250269606880571. I run a small dog hotel, where dogs live inside the house with access to the garden. Mimi is definitely not a dog 'person' and some of my visiting dogs would just as soon eat her. She lives on the first story for now, but it's not a tenable long-term solution and she is bored. She has previously lived peaceably with other cats in the next hameau over, so other cats in the household should be fine (in theory). She loves people and loves to help with computer work; sleep on the bed, purr in one's hair. She does like garden outings, but can scale a 7 ft fence in no time. Not much of a mouser; probably (sadly) more a bird catcher. I am looking for an affectionate, cat-loving family/person for a lifelong happy adoption. I live near Dinan.

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Hi,I am trying to post an advert to say we are looking URGENTLY for an alpaca shearer in Brittany, Finistere.    We thought we had one booked but he is not responding to e-mails or phone.  This man lives in Brittany (Cotes d'amour) but travels all around France.  Does anyone happen to know him?  His name is Pascal M.

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Uk registerd chip contact me for more info if you have lost a small scruffy terrier type  06 30 50 72 12 .

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HI does anyone know of an english speaking vet in Merdrignac or near where we can get our dog's worming tablets to take him back to the UK? Thanks in advance

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Does anyone have a small animal trailer for rent or a small horse lorry? I need something in the near future to move some goats please.

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I am organising another social walk for this Sunday coming.  It will be the same as usual, and take about an hour.  The dogs will be under control, and help will be available for any that find it overwhelming.  I expect there will be many regulars, and look forward to seeing them, and also new ones too, if they feel like they would like to join us.   The walk takes place around a very small lake, and we do about three circuits.   The weather does not stop us, so if rain is forecast, as it was last time, yes, I will still go.  Torrential rain fell after our walk last time, but several didn't come because they thought it might rain (it didn't - the sun shone right until the end).  Please email me for details if you are interested.michelle.johnston22@gmail.com

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We are looking for a English speaking dog trainer, in the vicinity of Guingamp dept.22.Thanking you in advance for any replies.

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I am organising another social walk for dogs that don't meet other dogs very often, or who's owners would like to walk alongside others, in a controlled situation. Many dogs don't behave on leads how their owners would like them to, through lack of practice or understanding.  Some dogs have not learned any lead manners.    If you would like to join our social walk it will be next Sunday morning around 11am, and take probably an hour or so.   We are near Dinan.    The walk will be on flat ground .  All dogs will be on the lead to begin with - but there will be opportunity to let dogs off lead if they have some manners, at the end of the walk.   The walk is intended for those that lack social skills or who would like to have a gentle walk alongside others.   If you have a very well behaved dog, you are also very welcome.   Some of the younger dogs will benefit by having a few shining examples !   Please email me if you would like more details.  michelle.johnston22@gmail.com

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