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Two training days [flatwork for horses and ponies]and a pleasure ride and dog walk in aid of Network for  Animals and also L 214.Location 22160 St Servais.Please request the programme for more details. jeanne22160@orange.fr

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Can anyone recommend a dog trainer within about half an hour of Collorec? Also, would anyone be interested in walking there dog/s with us? We recently moved to the area and are fostering a dog which we are hoping to adopt.Cheers,Maria

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I am looking for a  good home   for handsome cockerel, he is a year old.He is a wonderful cockerel half hollondais, and padoo he is meduim size.He is very protective over the hens and does a great job my problem is I have two cocks and not enough hens. So hence looking for some one who needs a good cock .

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Does anyone know roughly how much the vets charge for puppy vaccinations and by law do you have to have your dog microchipped/tattoed, if so what is the average cost of getting this done. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

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Welcome recipients of chickens or ducks that need immediate re-homing as companions for our other animals. Age, breed or egg-laying capacity completely irrelevant! 

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Two peacocks (well one is a pea hen) have arrived in my neighbour's garden, just outside Callac. Anyone looking for them?

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Hi, restrictions on the movement of poultry has been lifted in the UK, what about France, has it aso been lifted ?

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Hi all, I posted in classifieds with no luck. I am looking for a kitten to add to the family. We have contacted the SPA and are waiting a response but if anybody has, or knows anyone who has, a little kitten needing a home please get in touch by email.A lovely caring family awaits.Thank you Claire. I

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HiCan anyone recommend a stables or livery near St Giles Pligeaux where we can move our pony to? We have tried Frederick Le Gall but he has no space.ThanksPolly and Paul

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HiWe are travelling in next few weeks to our place  with our pup for the first time.Can anyone recommend a vet near  Plancoet where we can get the worm tablet given that we need to return to the UK and passport stamped .Many thanksJohnny H

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Good afternooncan anybody recommend a reputable horse livery yard in the St Nicolas du Pelem area please?  Want to move my horse over from Jersey and will require a combination of part and full livery as I travel quite a lot.Thank you in anticipation!

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A woman has posted pics and details of two dogs needing rehoming, see leboncoin under animeaux, chiens, donne.  It looks urgent judging by the photos.  I just wondered if anyone in this region could consider them even if it was only fostering?  I should add that I am not connected with these dogs in any way, neither can I take any more dogs.  I'm not in the Callac area either.

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Does anyone know a good dog kennel near Roscoff please

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Its far better to leave your pet in their own enviroment if you have an emergency trip back to the uk or a special birthday trip planned.we are a british housesitting couple who will do this ...no charges involved. So this summer we are available and in the brittany area.we are experienced and trustworthy.

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We are in area 56 near Guemene and would like to find a kitten to home

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Hi  I have a new Puppy and he is quite hard work. I would like to get some help with training him as he is a big dog. Is there maybe a dog trainer or a puppy training class around Carhaix, Guingamp, Rostrenen area?  Thanks 

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hihas anyone brought a cheval liberte horse trailer from the uk and managed to register it with a carte gris here in france ?i know it can be done with ifor williams trailers, and  i know cheval liberte is a french company... but that doesnt always mean it will be easy !if anyone has done this successfully or unsuccessfully, i would be very grateful for any information and advice on the procedure would be greatly appreciatedmany thanks

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I have heard that several vets are now offering the rabies vaccination with a three year renewal date.  My vet advised me to get mine done on my next visit to UK and therefore avoid having it done yearly here, as they don't offer that at their clinic.   I'd like to know if someone has done this not too far from Dinan, and if it caused any problems with cusoms, though I did ask at customs on my last trip away and they said the date is all they look at, not where it was done.   I'd really like to avoid the rabies vaccination every year.  Already I have had my dogs titre tested and we are free of that .

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I would really like to know if there is a vet near to Dinan that does the rabies vaccine with a three year validated date on.   Not all vets do, but I'm looking for one.  I'm sure names of vets  can't be posted here, but please could you email me if your vet does this.  Thank you .   michelle.johnston22@gmail.com

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