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Little black fluffy dog, went missing yesterday from Kerandouaron, Rostrenen SPOCK, very sweet friendly little dog, may have been frightened by the winds.  Last seen 6th March around 10am. please call Sarah 06 87 96 67 50

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I went to my vets today and she confirmed the following   To keep your passport up to date for travel purposes the rabies jab in France must be done within the one year time frame. If you do not ever intend to travel then the vaccine may last last up to 3 years. She said that in time it MAY become law that the passport for travel, becomes renewal every 3 years, BUT IT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. If you take a chance then you could encounter a problem re entering/leaving France.

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Can anyone recommend a cattery please.  We live near Baud but know we'll have to travel.  Many thanks

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Meowning to youI am a 1 year old female cat, recently rescued from a shelter. My new owners love me because I am cute, cuddly, gorgeous and easy going. Unfortunately their other timid, half feral pet does not like me and has moved upstairs and is frightened. Can someone give me a loving home purrrrrlease? I am house trained, sterilised, vaccinated and have a chip identification. My owners are desperate to keep me from going back to the shelter

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Having contacted DEFRA about taking our alpacas from France to the UK I am non the wiser!! When I talk to them on the phone they cannot answer any of my questions. I sent them an e-mail and they sent me back a form with the rules and regulations. They are not written in English that I can understand and keep quoting legilation numbers that mean nothing to me. I don't think they really have a clue otherwise they could simply answer a straight question on the phone? So my question is: Has anyone transported their own alpacas from France to the UK. They are leaving from a farm and going directly to a farm and not mixing with any other animals. What do we need to do regarding paperwork? They have microchips and registrations.

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Hello folks.  I am trying to find out out how I can transport my goats back to the UK DEFRA have been no help, I wondered if anyone had sheep or goats and may know a transporter who would know what is required for the movement of farm animals back to the UK, they are older and pets. I did find a old discussion mentioning to contact LOC but find nothing on the internet, I live in Morbihan. most grateful of any suggestions or info..Thank you.

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Hi All,We have adopted the most beautiful pig off Anglo Info but we now need the use of a transporter to get her from Locunole (29) to Lanvenegen 'ish (56) about a 25 min drive. We need to borrow or pay someone with a small animal trailer/horse box or similar.  Willing to pay petrol costs.  Can anyone help us pl;ease?Thank you in anticipation.

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There is a dog (large white Boxer) which lives close to my home and on two occasions within the last 4 week's has ran off its land and onto the highway chasing me and become very aggressive. Today I had to flee across a nearby field to escape from the animal. My next door neighbor witnessed today's incident and spoke to our Marie on our behalf, the Marie told him there is nothing he could do about the dog and suggested instead that I speak with the local Police. I'm slightly baffled as I thought that the Marie would and could take action against the owners.   

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I will be moving to Brittany shortly and my dog has a Grain intolerance and is currently being fed with Laughing Dog grain free all in one food however I understand it is not available in France.  Does anyone know of a grain free all in one food that is readily available?  Any thoughts are most welcome.

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Hello, I am a third year student at Warwickshire college on a BSc Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation course. For my final year dissertation I am looking into different techniques of hydrotherapy and in particular the water walker, spa, swimming pool and thalassotherapy. My dissertation is titled: « An international survey of prevalence of the use of sea walkers over 3 other Hydrotherapy techniques on horses ». My aim is to show the different approaches to hydrotherapy between countries. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to reply to my questionnaire. If you haven't used any of these techniques, you can still fill in the questionnaire. This will help me collect data on their importance in the industry.Please find herewith a link to my questionnaire https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeas6fgmYKbyiwSkOA0wKD8TybqWJiZ-8KyUErTTavQi5tSMQ/viewformThank you for taking the time to consider my request and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.Morgane

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Does anyone know where I can buy Indian Runner Ducks around Ille et Vilaine or Bas Normandie ?

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Want to make a difference, can you spare a few hours even ifonly every now and then? There are many animal refuges who would welcome volunteers.Each refuge will have different needs, from help with cleaning, dog walking orcat cuddling. If you want to know more please let me know or if you already are involved with a refuge in Brittany pleaseshare where you volunteer.   http://www.thegoodlifefrance.com/expats-volunteer-opportunities-in-france-with-laarf/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/  

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Anyone with a dog, particularly a large, deep chested breed, please be aware of the symptoms of stomach bloat and twisted gut. Our very healthy Korthals Griffon suddenly became very ill last weekend (and I do mean suddenly) - obvious discomfort, unsuccessfully trying to vomit, whining, dribbling from the side of the mouth, amongst other things. (Have since found lots on line about the condition)We rushed him to the vet, she knew straight away what was wrong, x-rayed him to be sure and he was kept at the surgery for major surgery. After 6 days he is still in there but we are finally fairly sure that he will survive. He has to stay in over the weekend but the vet hopes to let him home early next week as he has now started eating again and managed to get up and walk about a bit yesterday.The point of this post is that if your dog had any of these symptoms, get him to a vet immediately. We had never heard of this condition in dogs and if we had waited even for a few hours, our boy wouldn't have survived. Luckily the vet was on the ball and he got immediate treatment, but even so, a section of his gut had gone gangrenous.We're now just looking forward to getting him home again!

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I've seen equestrian equipment sales advertised on here in the past.  Anyone know if any are in the pipeline in the near future?

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Hi EveryoneSome advice pleaseWe will be travelling over in April , the first time with a dog.He will be 6months then.Have got all the passport stuff sorted but as we usually travel Portsmouth -St Malo , has anyone got any tips/advice for a stress free trip. Is it best to leave in car or onboard kennel.??We have him crate trained which is a bonus but are bit anxious given the longish crossing.Have thought of shorter crossing but that leaves a much longer drive so guess swings and roundabouts ....RegardsJohnny H

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Hi My friends dog KALI has been missing since 04/01 from the Village of Le Gouray (22330)She is 8 years old, chipped but has no collar and is a Border collie cross Black and tan and white.  Her main colour being black with beige eyebrowns, beige and white lower face, neck and chest and beige and white paws. There has been several possible sightings of her in the Plenee Jugon area , the latest possible sightings are:-13/1 between Plenee Jugon and the mill of Arguenon14/01 Pont Bry / Les Champs Pledran, Plenee Jugon21/1 On the D59 at the Carrieres de Gouviard - QUARRY at Plenee Jugon.They are desperate to get Kali back, if anyone would like photos sending please private email me.If anyone has seen her please contact her english owner on 06 61 46 02 50 Thanks in advance

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Save a refuge dog from this cold, cold winter - lots of lovely dogs looking for their forever home, all sizes, all colours and all shapes www.hopeassoc.org

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My friend has recently collected her 8 week old puppy from Belgium. She had his rabies vaccination done at 4 months, and has now been back to the vets to do his ICAD identification so she can travel with him.  He is now seven months old.  The vet has told her that as he was brought into the country illegally (really?) she will have to prove that he has been in France for six months (even though it is the same vet who saw her at the initial rabies vaccination!) and for her do her identification etc to travel, he will have to return to be RE vaccinated (rabies) before she will validate his passport.  This means that he will have two rabies vaccinations in the space of a few months done by a vet that knows this.  I find this incredible.  My friend, who is French, assures, me that ICAD confirm this, but I have myself brought puppies in from England, and Belgium and never had this issue.  Knowing how DEFRA website works, I can only assume that ICAD has the same discrepancies.   I would like to know what other people have experienced.  I am inclined to think that this vet is being rather difficult as I know I wouldn't have this problem with my own vet clinic. 

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Can anyone recommend a dog boarding kennels near Redon 35600

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We have been in Brittany for 4 weeks and our cat has gone missing from our home since Christmas night. He is pure white and his name is Victor. He is very friendly. He is microchipped and has a blue and white collar and tag. We live at 2 Caléon, 56220, St. Jacut Les Pins, Morbihan. Please spread the word, we are desperate to get him home safely. John and Shirley Webb. Our phone number is 02 23 10 67 28 or mobile (UK) no. 07967 709369. Thank you.

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