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In the Spring a bird appeared close to my home on the Blavet - it looked like a young heron (there are many herons around here) about half the size of an adult bird but all white. It sits for hours on the same branch or stands in the shallows.  There were two but one was shot and fell into the river. It has not grown any larger and is still all white. Recently another pair of the same type of bird has been seen here but they do not associate with the single bird. I have looked through all my bird books and can find nothing like this odd trio - has anyone got an idea please?  Jill

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Hi! We will be moving our horses with us when we eventually get over to France. I am trying to plan ahead and am wondering if anyone could help us if they know of any vets that treat horses and/or dogs preferably english speaking we would be very gratefull! Also does anyone know of any good farriers, as we have a arthritic horse and we need a sympathetic farrier!!!! Hope to hear from someone soon!!! bex 

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But let me explain, he continues.   When I came into the refuge, I was very very thin from being half starved.  At APAA we get lots to eat, and I try to finish up what my kennel mates leave in their bowls:  you never know when famine will strike!  So I’m a bit, er, chubby.  All the better for hugs and cuddles, I might add!  Glossy black coat, medium-sized, long velvety ears, sweet disposition, immensely friendly – irresistible, that’s me.  People who know me say that I’m comical, a great mimic, and highly endearing.  But the visitors don’t stop to notice me, so I’m still waiting, and hoping, for a family to take me home.  See Filou at:  http://apaa.asso.fr/photos-chiens-4-en.htm .  He’s staying at the APAA Refuge at Trégrom in the Côtes d’Armor.  For directions, information and pictures of Filou’s doggy friends (including some adorable puppies) see:  http://apaa.asso.fr/index-en.html  

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Following on from a previous thread on livestock markets, does anyone have for sale weaner pigs suitable for outdoor rearing and female goats preferably Saanen or small breeds (not miniatures)?    

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A general message, Doctors and Vets in Brittany selected by who speaks English cannot be a part of AngloINFO due to French regulations, we would have to publish a list of all of them irrespective, which isn't very helpful. Should you wish to locate either of the above in your area, please post a message in The Forum, requesting replies directly to your e-mail link. Thank you,   Bob

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Does anyone know if this breed of geese is available in Brittany? Thanks Jeni

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Please can anyone help me - I am in urgent need of grazing for my beloved pet donkey and her companion a sheep in the area of St. Nicolas des Eaux Thankyou - Kind Regards Berny

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Can anyone tell me how many animals ome can bring in to France? I know in 1999 the limit was three at any one visit, has this now changed? Thanks Jeni Jeni

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Can anyone recommend a good boarding kennels in dept. 56, or dept 22. Thanks   Jeni

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hi all,hue is already advertised on this site but due to unforseen circumstances i have to return to england for a few months so i need to find him a new home urgently,he can be a handful he doesnt like tractors or big lorries but is fine with everything else,he will go past tractors and lorries but if he feels he can take advantage he will.in a school he is perfect,enjoys jumping and crosscountry,he is i,dxhanoverian liver chestnut gelding standing 16,2 13 yrs he needs a competent rider,for sale with all tack & rugs 1400 euros

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I'm about to bring my cat over on the Portsmouth/St. Malo route, and to give her more room than in her standard cage I'm looking for a slightly larger one. Can anyone recommend a good source in the UK, or do you know anybody wanting to sell one? Thanks, John.

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Is american style riding available in Brittany? I have a bad back and cannot ride with an "english" style saddle. If it is not available I will have to settle for driving a pony and cart, any info on either ? Thanks Jeni

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… and a home with caring masters.  They are Caramelle and Nicky, dogs in waiting at the APAA refuge at Trégrom in the Côtes d’Armor (22).  They’ve been waiting too long really because they may not be small enough for some, quite possibly because Caramelle is shy and runs to hide when visitors arrive, and maybe also because Nicky’s had ear problems - though he’s much better now - or perhaps his look isn’t fashionable.  Caramelle is a honey caramel coloured Spaniel cross born in December 1999; she’s a beautiful girl with an incredibly soft coat.  Nicky is a white and black whiskery Griffon type male, born in July 1997; he’s a real charmer.  They’re best friends and keep each other going in the absence of a home and human affection.  They’re not thriving at the refuge despite the caresses they get from the over-stretched volunteers.  Caramelle needs reassurance and loving attention to gain self-confidence and blossom.  Nicky just needs company and cuddles.  They would be over the moon to be adopted together, but could be happy in different good homes. Do visit them on the APAA Web site:  they’re side by side on the second page of photos http://apaa.asso.fr/photos-chiens-2-en.htm.  For information about the refuge and directions:   http://apaa.asso.fr/.  You’ll see lots of other lovely dogs waiting for a home, including two three-month old black Labrador cross puppies. http://www.apaa.asso.fr/photos/tetecaramelle.jpg

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We have an old dog, of 16 years and as we are moving out to france in the new year and we require the export papers. We have contacted DEFRA and the form states the dog needs the rabies injection, but the info pack states only to be micro chipped. Has anyone done this. We are not going to be returning  her back to England at any point, she will just stay in France. The reason for asking that she is so old i dont want to put her through this if it is not actually required. Help please...    

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Hi all, Just thought I share this with you. I think this much info allowed as long as I do not mention names ;-) If not you can remove my posting Admin :-) We had an emergency tonight, one of my Border Collies ripped her toe nail to the end. *shiver*. Anyway, we needed to see a vet right away. The one we usually see couldn't make time for us earlier than monday morning so I phoned a new vet in Lanvallay just across the bridge in Dinan. He was absolutely marvelous, started in French but saw me struggling and continued in English. Anyone in need of his tel.nr and address contact me private. -- Tink (22)

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Traveling with pets: Pet passports to be introduced in July 2004 DN: IP/03/1617     Date: 27/11/2003 TXT: FR EN DE PDF: FR EN DE DOC: FR EN DE IP/03/1617 Brussels, 27 November 2003 Travelling with pets: Pet passports to be introduced in July 2004 The European Commission today adopted a Decision establishing a model passport which will allow pets and their owners to travel more easily within the European Union. New EU legislation(1) comes into force in July 2004 which will mean all cats, dogs and ferrets will need a passport to travel. The pet passport, a veterinary document, will provide proof that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. This is the sole requirement for pets to travel to all Member States except Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom(2). The passport can also contain details of other vaccinations, including those not required by law, as well as information on the animal's medical history. David Byrne, the EU Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner said: “This is great news for pet owners like myself. A pet passport will be accepted throughout the EU as proof that a pet has received the anti-rabies vaccination. It also makes it easier for vets to learn about the pet's medical history. This is a significant step for the free movement of people and their pets and a step that was made possible by dramatic advances made in our fight against rabies. Rabies is now close to being totally eradicated from the EU”. Why do pets need passports? Harmonised veterinary controls on the movement of animals between Member States for trade have been in place for some time. The same rules do not exist for pets. Member States require many different documents to prove a pet meets the veterinary conditions required for travel. Regulation 998/2003 harmonised the rules on travelling with pets to make it easier for EU citizens and their cats or dogs to enjoy the freedom of movement within the Union. From 3 July 2004 the Regulation will require cats, dogs and ferrets to have a pet passport. It will provide proof that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies. This is the sole requirement for pets to travel to all Member States except Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The pet passport will be accepted in all Member States. It can also contain details of other vaccinations and clinical examinations to give a clear picture of the animal's health status. This will facilitate veterinary checks and provide evidence of good health for a pet travelling to third countries free of rabies or where the disease is under control. What will the passport look like? The pet passport will measure 100 x 152 mm with a blue cover and the yellow stars of the European emblem. The languages used will be English and the official language of the Member State where the passport is issued. The words “European Union” and the name of the Member State will appear on the cover, along with the passport number which is the ISO code of the Member State followed by a unique number. This number corresponds to the pet's identification microchip or tattoo. What difference will it make? Travelling with pets will become much easier. All the different documents needed for travel into each Member State will be replaced by one veterinary document, the pet passport, which will be recognised across the EU. Visits to the vet will also become much more straightforward as the passport can instantly inform the vet about the pet's medical history. More information: IP/02/950. If you would like to receive a copy of the passport electronically, please send an e-mail to ilse.gordts@cec.eu.int, indicating the language. (1)Regulation 998/2003. (2)Pets travelling to Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom from the rest of the EU need to have an antibody titration test several months after the rabies vaccination to check it has been effective. The UK and Ireland also require pets to be treated for ticks and tapeworm (echinococcus) as part of the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS). Pets travelling to Sweden need to follow different procedures according to the country of origin. http://www.europa.eu.int/rapid/start/cgi/guesten.ksh?p_action.gettxt=gt&doc=IP/03/1617%7C0%7CRAPID&lg=EN;

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Here's a new one for you. Any parrots owners /breeders in France .Moving over with two pet parrots next year . Availability of good quality seed ? Cage suppliers ?  Have bred A/Greys in the past . Any info would interst me .  Thanks Life is not a race to get to the day you die !

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I am hoping to move to Brittany in the spring and currently breed and show my dogs in England and would like to continue doing so in France but I understand there are a few different rules that apply to some breeds. I have mini wire haired dachshunds and P.B.G.V.'s. Can anybody help with this subject Jeni

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Hi I am looking for a pony for my two children aged 13 and 11, they do ride and have had lessons and have grown up around horses. Looking for a quiet, gentle pony, no vices. We presently have a Connemara x Selle Francais that I am presently backing. Regards Cas cas

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16,2 liver chestnut gelding just turned 13 ,exported from england with us when we moved to france,NOT novice ride as can take the mick sometimes,a kind loving permenent home sought for this much loved victor meldrew! for sale with all tack and rugs

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