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16,2 liver chestnut gelding just turned 13 ,exported from england with us when we moved to france,NOT novice ride as can take the mick sometimes,a kind loving permenent home sought for this much loved victor meldrew! for sale with all tack and rugs

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Female ducks urgently seeking female geese to share pond with a view to distracting the ardours of Casanova goose, and thereby preventing near drownings of smaller ducks. He is a large white Roman something goose, breed happily welcomed..  Cash paid.    Many thanks.    

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The UK defra site mumbles on about a specific "PETS" certificate. Does such a thing exist in France? We have the pink standard issue french rabies certificate. Is this sufficient? (it does have some english on it). I know that there is a french PETS2 (ticks etc.) certificate. I'd hate to wave goodbye to little Jimmy at the quayside, so any advice gratefully received. Dave

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We've been in Rostrenen 4 months now and absolutely love living in Brittany. We're just about to get a bichon frise puppy and, even though, she won't be going to a groomer for quite a few months, I always like to plan ahead. Does anyone know of a mobile dog groomers - these are quite common in old Blighty but can't find any adverts for such like in Jaune Pages. I would much rather she were groomed here at home.   I know lots of people will be thinking 'do it yourself' but the bichon coat needs professional care.   hello to all btw - really glad I found this site    

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Hi everyone   I will be moving to a village near Ploermel in Brittany.  I have been involved in dog training/grooming etc., for many years.  I am thinking of opening a small kennels.   Does anyone have any comments on this i.e., do you think that there will be a market (it will only be a small setup) for this.  I am also thinking of dog grooming.   Thanks for your helpful comments.   Theresa   Theresa

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Hi, We have to travel unexpectedly to the Netherlands next week and would like to board our pets. 2 dogs and a cat. Can anyone recommend a boarding kennel either in Brittany or Normandy?

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Hi, For years I have been very active in Border Collie Breed Rescue and Sheepdog trials in Europe and in the US. I wonder if there's anyone of this forum that also does trialing or sheepdog training. I've contacted the French BC organization but there not active in the way people are active in the UK or US. I miss working with Border Collie terrible. It's such an rewarding job. If you know of a Border Collie in need of rehoming let me know, I'm always available to help, train and rehome. If one is in need in South of England I think it will be possible to transfer him/her to Brittany. -- Tink (22)

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Hi,We are moving to Finisterre from the South West of France and are currently renting a Gite close to our new home until the completion of the purchase, we will be moving in after Christmas.In the meantime we have 3 very affectionate cats who are semi- feral and who are still at our old property until we can find a temporary home for them here until after Christmas.Has any cat-lover within a reasonable distance of Carhaix got a large  outhouse or barn in which they could be safely closed in All three are neutered,use litter trays and are quite good mousers and would just require feeding once a day . Hope someone can helpBella  

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I am looking for a stud dog for my Weimaraner can anyone help ? The Keeper

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Hallo everyone, Our lovely old black Labrador died a year ago and we want to buy a puppy when we settle in France ( moving in december ) does anybody know where we would be able to get a Lab from ? we are moving to Merdrignac and are also interested in finding out if there is a vet near us who speaks a little english. many thanks, chris

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We recently purchased an adorable French Bulldog and was keen to here from owners of this breed re: general information. cjn

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We are moving to our house in Cranne (Baud) in Spring. Our dog has just been chipped and innoculated against rabies. She goes for her blood test in November. I understand, after being in France the dog has to visit a VET no more than 24 hours before we return to the UK Can anyone suggest a suitable VET ideally in Baud (and as my French is terrible at present one who speak some english). I would also like to know what the VET has to do and roughly what charges are involved Regards Bob

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Treize has now fully recovered and is becoming a wicked hunter of all things furry. (though no longer ALL things!) Current score for one week, mice 0 - Treize 8, and all these just in my clean, concrete floored cellar (EEEHHHKKK I hear some of you cry!). My question is, as we have the odd viper in the garden here, are cats normally intelligent enough to leave them alone? Does anyone have any experience of this? I would love to hear from anyone, before i let him play out unsupervised . . . . . . . . (yes i know he's only a cat  . . . . . . !!!)   regards,Les

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Hi, I looking for a dog crate/kennel for sale either wire or the Vari kennel type. Medium size. -- Tink (22)

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He is feeling much better, large doses of antibiotics are obviously working . . . . . To all fellow cat owners, why dont they make tablets that smell nice so he will just eat them?? My lacerations and scratch marks will take longer to heal than his little problem . . . . . . . regards, Les

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