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Help my current farrier has just retired and I need to find a replacement.  I am in area 35,  between Avranches and Fougeres and just need a regular trim for 1 pony and 1 donkey.  Any advice greatly appreciated.  Many thanks.

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im looking for someone with good riding skills and confidence to ride my young horse. she was backed in may this year and was going nicely, hacking out alone with confidence, but she hasn't been ridden now for 3 months, so needs bringing back into workshe is 15;2hh approxshe is generally a confident horse , but needs more work on the roads with light traffic, she is fine dogs, and livestock and is not a spooky horse. she was going 20km ...3 times a week through the summerthere is plenty of safe riding from herewould be willing to discuss costs to the properly skilled individualplease send private email in response to this advertbetween carhaix and gourinmany thanks

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I'm looking for a foster home for my 2 male cats (Sunny 4 years & Digit 2 years) while I go to England to support my Brother while he is having cancer treatment. Initially it'll be for sometime in January 2017 for about a month,pending my Brothers treatment. They are lovely boys that are very friendly,neutered and prefer to go outside than use the litter tray. I will pay for their food & any vet bills if they occurred.They will be treated for worms & fleas before they come to you. I really love my boys,that's why I'm asking for your help with them as I couldn't stand leaving them at home with neighbours popping in & out every few days. They've never been around dogs but I think they are adaptable enough to get around that hurdle as long as the dog is calm & wouldn't chase them. Thank you.

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When Ector was young (# 250 269 602 807 595, now just turned 7 yr old), he lived with a proper family with small children. Apparently, he had a tendency to jump up on these kids, and the mother decided to adopt out the dog rather than train him. He went to a hunter, who promptly stuck him in a cage for 5 years. He was let out once a day for about five minutes, to do his daily pee & poop session. Incredibly, he is a very clean-minded dog (more so than the French hunter, who has a perfectly good fenced-in garden) and he tried his very best not to soil his cage. When I first saw him (and let him out), he shot over to the nearest tree to pee and then to the farthest corner of the garden in order to poop. Despite these intervening years, he still is 'housetrained'. He is now up for adoption to a GOOD family, who would give him the love and care that he so richly deserves. This Artesian Basset is affectionate, kind, and adores people, ready to be happy once again. He gets along with other male hunting dogs (I won't vouch for, say, male German Shepherds, mainly because of them). He is healthy and has his doggie French passport. An Artesian Basset (see Wikipedia) is a so-called rare breed. They look like bassets (see photo), but have straight legs and are higher from the ground than the turned-out footed, very heavy Bassets.

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On my last stay in my holiday home with my grandson we were unfortunate to witness a neighbour beating one of his dogs.He keeps several dogs in an enclosure in his garden which constantly sound distressed and whilst I do not like dogs being confined I realise that this is how things are done in France, especially with dogs used for hunting and try to accept this.What I can't accept is cruelty to any animal and it seems one dog was left for over 24hours , howling  and whining and then when the owner finally came to see it, beat it with possible a belt or something. The dog  was screaming and both myself and my grandson had to go inside to shut out the noise.It has put me off coming over which I am due to do this week; because of the constant distressed sounds from the dogs . I cannot enjoy sitting or working g in the garden as it is constant.Not sure what to do about it. I  don't want to sell up as this was supposed to be my dream home which I would like to retire to in a few years. I would not be happy to approach the neighbour ; he sounds very aggressive Hope someone can help. 

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I would like some battery chickens.   Does anyone know if there are any available or becoming available?  I can get chickens, but specifically want ex battery.Near Dinan

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I am a volunteer foster family for a donkey charity in Spain. I currently have 3 Donkeys, 2 Mules and 1 Stallion for adoptionWILL is a miniature mule gelding 3.5 years old. He is a cheeky chappy very sweet and curiousMAMAR and RONNIE are mother and son donkeys. We'd like them to go to a home together as they're very attached to eachother. Mamar is 9 years old and Ronnie is 2 years old and Gelded. They are very loving donkeys, they love a cuddlePHOENIX is a 10 year old miniature mule mare. Phoenix prefers to do her own thing, she'll come for a cuddle when she wants it. She has a deformed face and it doesn't affect her in any way. She was born like itORLANDO is a 13 year old donkey gelding. He is a lovely lovely boy just wants a friend. He doesn't really fit in well with the rest of the group. He's just waiting to find his special someone.LUCCERO is a 17 year old Spanish stallion. He is gorgeous. A lovely calm stallion. He doesn't bite or kick. He likes to talk to other horses but is very well mannered. He can still be ridden and has been competing in local dressage competitions in Spain. He has bad scarring on all 4 legs where he was shackled to a tree. It's purely cosmetic and doesn't affect him in any way.The adoption fee is 350 euros per donkey. Mamar and Ronnie are 550 euros together and Lucero is 700 euros. The adoption fees go straight back to the Charity. Everyone has been wormed, feet trimmed and will be seeing the dentist asap -

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I have a dog that i would love to get back to England over Christmas. It's a long story but to sum up i'm looking for someone with a bit of car space for him. He's a delightful dog, incredibly friendly, sociable, great with kids and generally very good. I know everyone thinks this about their dog but i would be happy to arrange a meet to prove it before any commitment is made! It must be on or after the 22nd to allow all his vaccinations to be up to date for travel. He's coming from near Beziers but could be delivered for convenience and i could pick up from pretty much anywhere in the uk. I'd be willing to pay transport costs obviously. Many thanks in advance

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Inhelp in dog rescue , a friends rescue has a dog artiving Calais Next Weds evening arriving 23hr hours . The poor dog is deaf and blind and new owner can not collect. They have managed to arrange for someone collect next morning . Hosever all kenels closed so need help overnight stay or someone who could collect and take to St Malo ?  Please message me if you can help . Thank you 

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December 18th from  13.00 to 16.00 in aid of the  Pegasus Sanctuary, Basse Normandie.There will be a musical interlude guitar/singer at 3pm and food is available, with a hot vegetarian beanfeast, €4  but reservation is essential.Prizes include gift vouchers, dressage lesson and a hand made scarfNo entry fee but a donation for the charity appreciated.Venue: Equitation Kervalerien, 22160 St ServaisFor more information please contact Jeanne, Tel: 02 96 45 91 54

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Jon      joffs@tiscal please can you p email  my e-mails are coming back.

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Does anyone know if Patt sup at Plougonver is still running - their website is 7 months out of date and I can get no response. I have tried phoning too but they don't call back. Are there any other dog training/socialisation classes available near the Callac area that anyone has heard of? 

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I have a ten year old Golden retriever with arthritus in his hips. Today, whilst walking him, on a lead, a big Alsation jumped over it's garden fence and attacked my dog for about 2-3 mins. My dog was on the floor and could not get up.I had to hold this big dog backI know the owners have had warnings about the dog before, so why not make sure it cannot get out. The owner came out with a baby and said her dog was friendly, it was my dog!I have reported the attack to  the Mairie, i am not sure about reporting it to the Gendarmes, as i know the dog has had warnings from them. I will never walk my dog in that part of La Trinite again.

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We just had a visit from a gent from the local chasse, apparently he has lost his dog. No surprise that, but it was a surprise that he's going door to door in the dark, so I thought I'd post an APB for him. It's an English Setter with the obligatory bell, lost 2 days ago between Callac and Calanhel, My husband walks the area twice a day with our dog and there's not been a sign of him so he may have gone further afield.

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I am moving to Brittany shortly and my dog is currently being fed on Dr Johns Gold - does anyone know where this is available in Brittany? 

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I am a little confused over the frequency of rabies injections when taking my dog from France to the UK. He has had his injections up to date, the last one 18 months ago, and the date on the sticker in his passport is April 2017. We are getting conflicting advice over whether he needs an injection before we go to the UK in December because his last injection is more than 12 months ago, or if he is OK until next April?

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Great Dane found today, Pabu area.

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just seen on pet alert 22 that in St brieuc from14th -18th December they are out trapping cats. All cats caught will be taken to the chenil at Plerin. Keep your darlings inside for next few days.

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Hi, we have two dogs and visit a vet in St Martin Des Champs for regular checks ups in readiness for travel back to UK.   We normally have our own wormers which the vet is happy about but the charges have been going up on a more than regular basis and I wondered if any AI people could inform me what the average cost of a visit to the vet for this type of consultation.    I would also be interested to hear of recommendations of a vet around this area and we don't mind travelling to see a cheaper vet.   We travel to france on a regular basis and with the cost of Brittany Ferries and the vet it is giving us a dilemma about taking them.   We visited the vet on Saturday before our return to the UK and were charged 60 euros.   On this occasion we only had wormers for one dog so had to rely on the vet using his product.   Is this expensive.

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