Any organised trips to Disneyland Paris?

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HelloI'm wondering if anyone knows of any organised coach trips to Disneyland Paris from Brittany? Maybe through a travel agent or perhaps someone has seen something posted on the noticeboard at work...Thanks.

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My sister was over in Brittany and went into a travel agent in Loudeac to book a Disney package. Worked out really well. 

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moi-383589 Do you know if it included transport? I've looked online at a few and found packages for the entrance and hotel but nothing including transport.

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Hi-they had their car with 2 children but got a deal, if I remember rightly, with free parking.The French Disney site could well be cheaper.

Have you checked the Disney offers page? If you book with them there are free car parking deals-put 'car parking' into their search box.


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Thanks but it's for 2 people who don't drive so transport is needed from Brittany, hence looking for a coach trip.

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Where in Brittany are you based?

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Logitravel do train+Disney Hotel from Rennes

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moi-383589 We're between Morlaix and Guingamp. I'll have a look at that and see what it comes up at with a train from Guingamp to Rennes added in. Thank you.

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