Four hours in St. Malo

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Have foou hours to spare in St .Malo before ferry do not know town well Any suggestions

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Ivan-Tom-867299 1519417565

If you can park at the port you can spend 2 to 3 hours walking around the city and its walls.

If you cannot park at the port we park somewhere out of the port at the end of the plage sablons which seems to be always empty ans gives a short walk into the citadel

LilyP 1519455835

As Ivan says there is plenty to do and look at in St.Malo and it is lovely. However, bear in mind it's a bit different when it's winter and cold to the summertime - you may not want to be walking around a lot outside. You could have a quick trip to/drive through Dinard just over the Barrage - just thinking perhaps you could "warm up" in the car while you get there. There's also the shopping mall just outside St.Malo. There again perhaps you're just more hardy than me - we did the same around 5 years ago before Xmas and even with stopping to have something to eat it seemed a long time especially as it was cold and windy. 

elbel-434863 1519475698

If you've never been before, make sure you head for Intra Muros - the historic, walled part of St Malo - as the modern part isn't especially interesting. As Ivan-Tom says, the walk around the ramparts, which overlook the marinas, the port and out to open sea, is a must but could be 'bracing' at this time of year so wrap up really well!! There are several replica 18th century corsair sailing ships to be seen in the dock area and the St Vincent cathedral is worth a look in the centre of Intra Muros. Bear in mind that St Malo was largely destroyed in WWII and the Intra Muros is almost 80% astonishingly faithful reconstruction. That in itself is really impressive. Shopping is ok and you'll also find masses of cafes and restaurants to while away a bit of time before your crossing. Have a nice time! 

Karen-381938 1519548338

St Malo is always lovely to walk around even in the winter, as long as you are wrapped up. If you want to eat, don't go to the restaurants just inside the walls as you come in from the marina area. They are very touristy and not all good quality. Head up through the intra muros area and behind the post office there are some very good quality places to eat, and not expensive. Our favourite is one called Hotel L'Amoricaine, which has no outside terrace but the food is excellent and they do a very good lunchtime menu for about 13 euros. (Closed Mondays) Their Lamb Ragout is to die for!

Rance-384571 1519561529

Oh Karen we kept that resto quiet for 20 years and now you've blown its cover!

Karen-381938 1519567099

We've been going there for 15 years! At least they've extended the restaurant a bit now so there's more room, though we always book to be sure of a table

Rance-384571 1519573152

Yes that front part was extended some years ago now but they have a very large room at the back that we have used for group bookings.

pecheur 1520354604

Thank you to everyone for your advice . We have been bypassing this lovely town for many years. Following your suggestions we had a lovely afternoon strolling around the walls and was very impressed by the beaches . Thanks again John

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