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I'm initially looking for any NowTv Sky Sports fans preferably in the Josselin area.I'm a villa fan and have just become aware of an offer on NowTv of 10 months Sky Sports for £178. This allows for 4 devices registered for connection, 2 of which can be connecter at any one time.I'm hoping to find someone willing to go halves. ie each of us having 2 registered devices, this allowing for each of us to have at least one device connected if not two if the other one is not connected.This offer would need to be cancelled before the 10 months is up to avoid it being upgraded to a much costlier scheme.Point to consider.I'm mainly intérested in the villa games with a bit of football and american football thrown in.A strong vpn is required to access it in France but not in uk. (part of the reason I can't afford the full £178 as I've just spent €99 on 15 months vpn). This is why someone who already can access NowTv is preferable but I'm willing to try and explain vpns and their cost.So for £89, the cost of a vpn and a bit of collaberation to get 10 months Sky Sports.As Villa's season starts on Monday would look to do it fairly soon.Please let me know if interested.

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